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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO's), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

This report was submitted to BEAMS at 09:02 PM UTC - 15 September 2016

Object enlarged Image detail
Above: Enlargements of two of the unidentified objects witnessed from a 'flotilla' of UFOs as they flew high in
the sky over Shoreditch High Street East London, UK on 10/09/16

7th and 10th 09 2016:
Flotilla of UFOs High Over Shoreditch High Street, East London, UK

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**** ******
London, UK
07/09/16 (7:24pm) and 10/09/16 (3.24 pm)
Shoreditch High Street, East London. Flotilla! 
First sighting 07/09/16:  1 black 'craft' taken on iPhone 7.24 pm .

I was standing on my roof top balcony ^th floor up on Shoreditch High
Street, East London.

This 'craft' is flying very very slow parallel to Shoreditch, High Street
and heading towards Old Street. It was closer to observe
than what it looks in the photo. 4 domes joined together, looked like a black beetle with shiny skin.

No noise, lights or windows. COULD NOT BELIEVE

Second sighting 10/09/16: Rainy Saturday afternoon. Sitting on sofa,
looked up and saw first wave of UFOs in distance from direction of airport
heading towards Shoreditch High Street.

I jumped up and opened glass balcony doors.

Observed 4 dark grey 'craft' flying in close formation zipping across the
sky fast!

They flew past over roof balcony, under clouds.

When they got closer I observed an unusual, elongated shape.

No sound, no lights.

Few minutes after one round object heading in same direction flew over.


Second wave 3.38pm formations of 3 - 4 - 5 and 1 'craft' oblong black
box shape and 1 strange black wing type object.

Even though it was raining, I took many pictures of the objects from my

As a matter of interest my home is between main flight path to airports.

More recent sightings to share.

Dark grey 'craft' flying together.

Dark grey, what appeared to be circular, observed oblong shape at close

As a matter of interest, I am situated very high up;
people from ground level
would not see these kind of objects.

I have a panoramic view over the city from my rooftop apartment through
balcony wall glass windows.

1                 2 blow up of object 1                3 Original Image
1. Original image marked                          2. Blow up of 1st object                           3. Original image marked

4 Blow up of object 2                      5 Original image                      6 Blow up of object 3
4. Blow up of 2nd object                           5. Original image marked                         6. Blow up of 3rd object

7 Original image                      8 Blow up of object 4                      9. Original image
7. Original image marked                         8. Blow up of 4th object                            9. Original image marked

10 Blow up of object 5                      11 Blow up of formation                      12 Formation blow up 
10. Blow up of 5th object                         11. Blow up of formation                           12. Blow up of formation

13 Blow up of object                      14 Blow up of formation                      15. Blow up of object
13. Blow up of object                                14. Blow up of formation                           15. Blow up of object

16 Blow up of object                      17 Blow up of object                      18. Blow up of object
16. Blow up of object                                17. Blow up of object                                18. Blow up of object

Blow up
18. Another enlargement of aerial formation

19. Image of the location where a church tower can be seen; this landmark is where the UFOs passed above

All untouched original images are available for inspection upon request.

Additional information obtained from the witness 19/09/2016

"I actually reported the Bethnal Green Road UFO to you for 13/06/2016;
I lived there before I moved to Shoreditch High Street 01/07/16.

My location is between aircraft flying in and out on all directions from the airport:
I believe this is why there is so much UFO activity here.

The black 'craft' looks amazing blown up! This is one jet-black unidentified that I
have  photographed many times as it flew past balcony. From my vantage point it looked very black and shiny like a black beetle skin - but this is not obvious on photograph.

I counted 4 large dome bulges, top bottom and sides, but they seemed to be
moving or vibrating.

Now the images have been enlarged I can now see what I was shapeshifting, because there is more than 4 bulges or domes.. a very strange

I have researched the phenomenon independently all my life; and now, after becoming a part of your team, I
will be skywatching for UFOs whenever possible -
the BEAMS East London look out
as it were.

Now that I am settled back in London, going to set up video cameras on each end
of balcony and roof to record day and night.

What I love about BEAMS is that you connect all the related subjects together.

I was married to a pilot and heard many stories, and seen a few while flying,
especially long journey from Australia. I always book window seats to watch for

"Over the years many people who are ignorant have thought I was a bit bonkers believing in UFOs! But in all honesty I never cared what people thought, because I know people like us who believe and experience paranormal and UFO, are truly blessed!

Living above the mediocrity of the so called 'normal' world, I prefer to fly like an eagle and observe from a great height!

Mankind is being observed by many other lifeforms, longer than we could ever imagine.

They live amongst us, (whatever 'they' are), and I find that very exciting!

To wonder where we come from in this vast universe of universes out into infinity, fascinates me beyond belief!"