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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO's), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).


June Miller BEAMS East London

Hi, my name is June Miller and I have researched the phenomenon of UFOs independently all my life; and now, after becoming a part of the BEAMS team, I will be skywatching for UFOs whenever possible - the BEAMS East London look out as it were.

To the right, in the sidebar, is a special report of my most recent UFO sighting, of which I took several interesting images>>>>>>>>>>>

I can still vividly recall another sighting that I had in the middle of June 2016 at approx 3pm, at Bethnal Green Rd, (Corner of Brick Lane), East London, UK.

I was sitting on my balcony rooftop, scouring the sky for anything strange: It was a sunny day, clear blue sky, and I had a panoramic view in all directions; firstly I observed 2 aircraft flying over which I found most mundane, so I began telepathically asking for a UFO to appear in the sky for me.

I turned my head left for 2 minutes, then back again, when I nearly fell off my chair!

I jumped up in shock, when out of the blue, right in front of my line of sight, I witnessed 2 vertical, cigar-shaped objects.

They were hovering over what appeared to be a school building; they were just there, no sign of them in sky before, I simply could not believe what I was seeing!

The objects were made up of three colored sections each. Their tops were red, their middles were long and black - and their undersides were a dirty grey with a light on the bottom of each and they were bathed in a strange haze.

Both objects appeared to be approximately half a meter wide, 2 meters in height.

Then, they flew towards me in a straight line keeping an estimated four meters apart. 

Next the objects came over my roof balcony in complete silence, before moving off in a straight line, flying into the distance.

I thought that was very interesting to observe how these objects appeared to be intelligently controlled.

As they flew over my house, I looked up to catch more detail, but had to shade my eyes with my arms because of the light.

I watched them slowly flying together out of view.

Unfortunately, due to my having recently relocated from New York at that time, my iPone and computer were off: Normally I have my iPhone and iPad by my side while looking out for UFOs, but even though I didn't get any photos, but I have made a couple of drawings/composites below.

Drawing/Composite 1             Drawing/composite 2
Artist rendering 1                                                                     Artist rendering 2

Now I am permanently settled in Shoreditch.

How I became interested 

From as young as I can remember, on going to bed, my bed would start to move, from the corner of my room a swirling kind of portal would appear headed towards me.

My sheepdog would come and scratch at my door most distressed, and alert my family: On many occasions I would be found under the covers facing the wrong way, headfirst at the foot of my bed, with my feet on the pillows.

Strange as it may seem, I was not afraid.

My mum said I would speak of the strangest things, about beings from other worlds in the sky.

I would talk about people running in the streets scared! At about 5 years I vividly recall my room changing, strange symbols swirling in front of me.

Lifted up, I went floating through the wall. Not afraid, but puzzled how my body went through a solid wall; there I was outside... and I could see that, hovering over the roof was a circular, dark grey disk!

Slowly pulled up, I went through the wall of this craft, no doors or windows.

Inside there was a blinding light.

As my sight adjusted I saw flat, curved seats jutting out of the wall.

Telepathically I was asked to sit; there was no sense of fear, instead, a wonderful loving feeling!.
To my amazement all walls were transparent, top, bottom and sides. I could see over my house, then the distant streets over the city of Newcastle and in all directions.

Sudden blackness! There was no feeling of motion inside the craft. Within minutes I could see through the walls again; we were descending over the tops of jungle palm trees!

Telepathically, a voice called me forward and an opening appeared with a ramp. An overpowering heat hit me... A strange feeling coming from the cold weather in England!

I heard the sound of jungle noises in the darkness; looking up I could see dark clouds were swirling, with many colored lights that were flashing through; before my eyes, in front at a distance not far away, there was a giant step pyramid with a square top!

An enormous, round, several-tiered craft was slowly descending covered in color lights: Under the bottom of this craft was a large, pulsating, round hole of white light; it was positioning the craft underbelly in line with the square top of the pyramid; then it stopped a few meters up just hovering.

I then found that I was now standing in a line, being one of 12 people, representing 12 nationalities from different countries.

We were made up of various males and females, ages from young up to a very old oriental man.

Standing perfectly still and calm, I felt a tremendous feeling of peace and love.

All 12 of us were looking up at a beam of white light that shot out of the bottom of the craft, making a tube onto the top of pyramid square.

Three male humanoid beings descended slowly down the tube and stood there.

Somehow, through my eyes and telepathically, I could see them close up: Standing at least 9 feet tall, wearing a luminous one piece fitted suits, each with a square box on their back, a large belt round their middle, with a large red button on.

They had elongated heads, large almond-shaped eyes shining a vivid turquoise blue; their hair was long, silver and shoulder length; they had bodies like Greek gods. Magnificent!

They had a wonderful presence, standing there with an aura of white light around them.
It was like meeting one's maker, GOD!

As they looked into my eyes, it was as if they could see into my soul.

This is a feeling I cannot adequately describe, other than I was never the same afterwards.
Information was transferred. I recall  that the middle being was the leader of this team; he said telepathically, that they were 'The Elder's, the ones who Watched - and that they knew the past, present and future events in advance.

I could hear telepathically, a very old oriental man who stood at the end of line ask - "what about war in the future, and nuclear weapons in the hands of man?" The Elder assured us that they will stop any destruction before it can happen to Earth. Man has to evolve before they are allowed to  venture out into space. They will not be allowed to take war and destruction into space. We are like children, and need to evolve.

This was my first recalled initiation; I know knowledge was exchanged because I am psychic and have foretold future events over the years. How I would know and recall all of this at the age of 5yrs is beyond understanding, but true!

When I was 50 years old I experienced a series of headaches; my doctor sent me to a specialist in hospital while visiting London. They placed drops in my eyes that enabled them to check what was going on behind my eyes; during my examination, the specialist asked me if I had ever had laser surgery at back of eye. "NO", I said! He left the room and brought in a couple of other specialists to look through a scope. They were all mumbling together, puzzled, apparently they observed a tiny laser-like, circular indentations at the back of my eyes and had never come across this before.

Anyhow, the headaches went, but the mystery about my laser eye circles never resolved.

Scrolling back through the knowledge I have gained over the years and other experiences, I wonder if the profound experience that I had when aged 5, with so much up close eye-to-eye contact between the aliens and me, may in some way, be responsible for the unsolved tiny laser dot rings behind my eyes. Over the years I have made people uncomfortable with direct eye contact; not everyone, but many.

I have a very positive attitude about all of my experiences, but carefully choose who I share them with.

When I was younger, growing up, I tried to share because I wanted everyone to know that we were not alone; but I soon found out that most people do NOT want to know. Times are changing fast and the doubters will be shocked I think very soon!
I had another experience, a telepathic encounter when I was about 11 years of age: I was outside my house, and in the sky was a hovering dome... a wing-shaped, glass-fronted craft the size of a small aircraft.

Inside I saw two humanoid beings, one female with long dark hair, and one male with white blonde hair; they wore dark blue, one piece, skin-tight suits, and were sitting in a transparent dome.

Again, these were beautiful beings, yet only the size of normal human;  in fact, if you encountered them in the street you would not know the difference, except for their eyes and beauty.

They showed me scenes of craft flying in convoys, passing over rooftops; these were of various shapes and sizes; from tiny circular ships, larger cigar types, and some the size of cities! From rooftop level into space, tiers of different sizes and shapes.
Telepathically, the beings were saying no need to fear, as people were running.

They were showing me then, that they are the kind and friendly ones who mean us no harm, and are already here in our sky but mostly invisible.
At age 11, they projected these images and telepathically told me that we are not alone and they would gradually reveal themselves more and more to humanity: Interestingly, they advised me that night to concentrate on my older sister's safety - and that she would be ok the next day: And how right they were: My sister arrived back from work very upset; she had gone out in the city for lunch and a large stone statue broke off from the top of a building and fell, missing her only by a matter of inches, onto the path below. I think they showed me this to teach me what they are capable of.
This is why I love the way BEAMS connects such mysteries together and why, for the first time, I have shared these experiences in writing.
We know that there are other species 'out there' (or here already), who are not very friendly; we are no more than food or scientific experiments to some... but I believe above all species, we have higher ones that watch over us.

I have always felt that alien contact on a wider scale would happen in my lifetime; a prediction yet to come, where there are televised broadcasts worldwide, a panel situation made up of world leaders, government departments and the military... even some UFO experts, etc: No more secrecy, full disclosure informing people of the world that we are not alone... with broadcasts discussing this subject worldwide.

A few years back I mentioned this to Robert Dean, (who is ex USA military, now turned UFO researcher), and he said"Yes!" because the "aliens" (for want of a better word), will reveal themselves to humanity and there is nothing the governments of the world can do about it!

Robert also said that is why many classified secret UFO documents were released into the public domain not so long ago, because they had to start preparing the people for what they would see more and more in the sky; "they" want to show themselves, and discard their invisibility cloaks.

It is amazing  to be part of the biggest history changing event of our lifetime.
This is why I have shared part of my experiences, to encourage others to do the same. End.

Another more recent sighting that I had, happened 03/07/16
Golden/Orange/Red-ish Egg Shape UFO Over Shoreditch High Street, East London, UK

"I moved into my Shoreditch High Street apartment on 01/07/16.

On Sunday 03/07/16, the weather was clear and warm: I was standing on my rooftop balcony for a moment enjoying the view, when at about 4.30pm, around the corner of the roof, I observed
a flying, golden/orange/red (i-sh) coloured UFO which was about the size of a very large beach ball,

This object was egg-shaped and flying at the speed of a car.
Needless to say that I was shocked and excited!

There was no sound, and there were no windows on the unidentified, but it seemed intelligently driven.

I observed as it change direction, flying straight up at an angle, into the clouds and out of sight.

It was solid and had a dull, matte surface and no illuminations.

These are my photos/drawings renderings of what I saw."
 1  Artist impression                Artist impression 2                 3 Artist impression                              
These are my artistic impressions/recreations of what I saw over Shoreditch, East London, UK 03/07/16:
Please click on any of the images to enlarge.

Flying back to UK from Australia for a visit 10 years ago, (as usual in a window seat looking out for UFO), when I observed dark  grey triangular craft in the distance flying close to aircraft opposite flight lane.

Then it changed direction at incredible speed heading in my planes direction.

It flew underneath my plane too close for comfort.

I strained my neck watching it through window fly dangerously close.

I observed this craft from above; it had no windows, no lights, shape very large, dark, wide triangle, curved on top. Too fast to pick up closer detail.