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George Doors

George Doors BEAMS Midlands UK

MY STRANGE LIFE by 'George Doors'

This is an account of just some of the paranormal episodes that I have experienced in my life; names and places have been changed but the rest of the testimony is true and as it happened.

Some people see things others do not; if we manage to capture them on a camera then it is only then that we can show others what we see, but only as a digital image captured by a device that see's differently to the human eye; the camera reproduces an image that the “normals” believe to be a near-perfect representation of what was in the field of view at the time of the apparatus being operated. Unfortunately the camera cannot record the atmosphere of the psychic nature of an event.

Why do I see these things?

Throughout my life I have seen paranormal and UFO related "things"; not always ocular images, sometime the image is produced in my minds eye, as one would picture a memory, but with more detail. As this occurs ,the image and feelings are backed up in the physical world with odd events, such as levitation of objects or audible speech and sound, activity associated with a poltergeist for instance.

However, I also see things with my eyes, though rarely in the center of view; most cases I see something with my peripheral vision. Objects such as orbs, flashes in the sky or strange shadows are the most common.

Sometimes I know I’m going to have an encounter; I receive messages of a sort, I call them 'downloads'.

I feel a sense of De ja vu, but with a twist, a sort of reverse De ja vu.  It is a very familiar feeling; not scary or negative, but positive. I feel my mind has received a burst of information, giving me instructions of a fashion, cue’s on where to look when to look, where to go. These instructions I call 'Urges'.

Sometime I have to physically go to a place, but most of the time the download occurs when I get close to an event - directed there or by chance I don’t know.

In my early days I experienced predominantly spiritual entities, commonly known as ghosts. Mainly those of a violent nature such as the poltergeist.

Initially I had no clue of what was going on; I was not sure if I was scared or excited or maybe I was just going mad, it was difficult at first; thinking your loosing your mind is not a fun time:  It was especially difficult as I was on my own much of the time; I worked most of my life as a Security Officer, so that meant working mostly alone at night in empty buildings, with not a soul around; so when strange things happened, there was no one around to talk to or be reassured by.

Whilst growing up, I remember that my Grandmother would say strange things to me; once she told me of how she could remember being a little boy in the Victorian era, working on the Railways.  She also said she saw little lights in rooms. After my Grandfather passed she often said she would talk with him.

Perhaps my Grandmother was experienced with the supernatural, maybe she was selective of who she told but saw something in me.

I was at her bed side when she passed away, I held her hand; at the point of her passing I felt a jolt of energy through my hand, like a static shock.

Maybe my Grandmother passed something to me?

Another factor of significance is a near drowning event.

In 1998 I went on holiday to New Zealand, where I went white water rafting; to cut a long story short the boat capsized, I was thrown into the rapids and dragged under, I breathed the water into my lungs, the pain was immense, like a fire burning in my chest: I sank to the bottom of the river and knew I was at the end; the pain suddenly stopped; I felt calm, I looked up and saw through the water; I watched the violent rapids, the tumbling thrashing white water, yet I felt a surreal peace.

I saw the giant rocks around me, the gravel river bed, then...nothing, just a blackness.

I heard a powerful determined voice, it said "Your time here is not at an end, you have much to complete. I then awoke in shallow water at the river bank, water poured from my mouth and nose, then I saw the rescue boat.

Are these things related? am I gifted in some way? I really didn’t know, I had no teacher, only myself.  So I decided to just go with the flow, live my life as normal and face whatever was thrown at me, at this point I didn’t know it would be a pot plant!

My first ever experience was in a modern office block. I was on night duty, my shift started at 17:30 to 08:00, a long shift to do on one’s own. The office block was close to Loughborough town centre, surrounded by both old and new buildings.  The staff all left by 20:00hrs leaving me on my own for 12hrs.  I spent most of my time watching my little telly, a Sega Game Gear that had a TV card, very handy tool for a Security Officer back in those days. But from my very first shift there I was aware of things going bump in the night, actually very load crashes and bangs! 

These noises were coming from the floor above, they were not just audible but physical too as the lights on the ceiling would flicker and dust would fall from above. I knew it was not a intruder as when all the staff had left I would turn on the alarm system that covered everywhere except where I sat and the cloakroom. Most nights there was at least one episode of bangs and crashes. 
I would never dare go upstairs, not until day break. On some nights the bangs and crashes were constant, several events an hour for several hours. When it got really bad I locked myself in the photocopy room and hid under large rolls of bubble wrap. All sorts of things go through your mind when your trapped in a building with something you cannot explain, something that makes all the hair on the back of your neck stand up and makes your heart race.  To me at the time it was surreal and very frighting.

When I was on my days off, or at the week end on days there was another Security Officer (Pete), when I had been at the site for a couple of weeks I decided to ask the other Officer if he had noticed anything strange.  It had taken me a few weeks to ask Pete as when these things happen, you do not want to be ridiculed as most people make fun of those who say they have seen Ghosts or UFO’s they laugh because of ignorance, they laugh because there minds cannot compute such goings on.

I arrived for my Saturday night shift, the other Officer was waiting for me as he had been there in the day.  I asked him about the strangeness.

To my surprise Pete said “you hear it too?”  I told him what had been going on, he said he experienced the same, so much so that on some nights he went outside and sat in his car!
Pete said that one of the cleaners had seen something, a shadowy figure on the first floor, he said I was best to ask her about it.

When Monday’s night shift came round I was kind of excited, to know that I was not going crazy as Pete acknowledged the same thing was a great relief to me, I was also looking forward to hearing any other accounts that the cleaners may have to tell.  The cleaners worked mornings and evenings at the site,  they started at 16:30 to 18:30 so I never really saw them much other  than to say hello and good night.  When my shift started I could not wait to talk to the cleaner (Peggy).  After most of the staff had left, I waited til' there was no one in earshot: I told Peggy what had happened to Pete and I. 

Peggy was in her late 50’s and been living in the area all her life, she had gained employment working as a cleaner at the office block shortly after it was built. Peggy had been there for about 6 years.

Peggy said that often she found her walk-in cleaning cupboard to be in a messy state, bottles of cleaning fluid all over and mops and buckets strewn around. Peggy's cupboard was on the first floor, directly above the area I sat in.  Peggy said the cleaners used to work late at night, from 19:00 to 21:00 before the site had a night guard, so the cleaners were to lock up when they left.  Peggy said she was the only remaining member of the original cleaning team, as strange things had happened in the building, chairs would move on their own, things would go missing and be blamed on her or her colleagues.

Peggy had told her supervisor that they thought the site was haunted but of course they did not believe her, not until one night when due to the stress of being accused of theft one of the cleaners quit forcing their supervisor to work the shift.  Peggy said they were arguing about the situation whilst dusting the office desks on the first floor when suddenly they heard bangs and crashes coming from the cleaning cupboard, they both looked over to the doorway of the cupboard to see a large dark shadow like thing emerging from the cupboard. They don’t know what happened next as they both ran out the room, down the stairs and out of the building.

They locked the door and went home, an hour early.  Peggy said that was the reason why they now started early, also why the Office employed a Security Officer.

Peggy said she wanted to quit but could not find any other work as she needed to be close to home,

I asked Peggy what had been on the site before the office block, she said before being a office there was a used cat lot, and before that a old public house.  Peggy said both previous buildings had mysteriously burnt down.

Armed with this new information, I decided to activity investigate the noise, I remembered my Grandmother say to me once “If ever you find a badly behaved ghost, you have to talk to it like its a naughty child.” 

After the last of the staff had left, I waited patiently for the bangs and thuds to start.

Fear had left me, I knew I was not going insane, I knew that there really was a supernatural entity that was the cause of the noises. 

At about 02:00 there was an almighty crash from above, I felt excitement, for the first time I made my way up those stairs, I entered the first floor.  Instantly my hairs were standing on end, there was a strangeness to the room, a high pressure/energy feel. I felt a presence, like when you feel someone is watching you.  I walked toward the cleaners cupboard knowing this area to be the epicentre or the unrest.  I stood there in the glow of the emergency lighting (Places of work often have emergency lights on to show fire escapes, these lights are always on even when the main lights are all off).

I said out loud “I know what you are, you have had your fun, I’m not afraid of you!”
It felt very strange, speaking out loud to an empty room.  Nothing happened.  I said my line again and added “Oh, nothing to say now, who’s scared now.”

At the end of my sentence I saw something move, a potted Yucca plant that was on someone’s desk was moving, at first rolling around on its base, it then started to rise into the air, I was about 10 feet away from the pot, it then shot toward me, I ducked and it smashed into the wall behind me, I said ” ha, ha, missed me!, is that all you got?”

Suddenly the high pressure/enery disappeared, the room was still, the atmosphere had returned to normal as if all the extra energy had been used up.  I felt quite normal, the   presence had left.  I was now just standing in the room, all was normal except for a smashed pot plant on the floor, and a mark on the wall, the only evidence of the event.

I remember clearly what I was thinking, I was very concerned about how I was going to explain the breakage of the pot plant!

When I woke up later the next afternoon, I was actually looking forward to my next shift, I felt I was getting somewhere with the entity, I knew I had upset it, I knew it had mustered up all its power to try to scare/hurt me, but I was in more mortal danger on my drive to work than anything this spook could do.

Disappointingly, over the rest of my week nothing happened, no more noise from upstairs, nothing.  I asked Peggy if anything had been messing with her stuff, she said it was weird, everything was were she had left it.

Some weeks later I after thinking on the subject decided to go back upstairs and try to talk to it, as pehaps what my Grandmother had a bearing on what had happened, maybe the entity was sulking!

After waiting for the staff to go home, I ventured up the stairs, and stood adjacent to the cleaning cupboard, I then spoke aloud..“I’m sorry if I upset you, I know you must have been here a very long time, and the only amusement you get is to scare the living.  You must be quite pissed off that I am not scared by you.  I want to help you, maybe there’s a way you can move on?”

I waited, for 20 minutes or so, nothing happened.  I went back down the stairs to the reception area as that is where I was based. I resumed watching my little telly.

About half an hour later I felt the room go cold, then the hairs on my neck began to stand, the reception are was starting to feel very much like the first floor, on the night of the pot plant event.  The pressure steadily built, then suddenly there was something that felt like a gust of wind, a blast of fast moving air blew past me toward the front door, next to the doors were two fake 3-4 foot potted trees, the type you get in offices for decoration.  The tree to the right of the door began to violently shake, I was expecting this to levitate and be hurled at me!

I said "look, there’s no need for this, all your going to do is wast your energy, those trees are not real, the pots are plastic so if you throw it at me, I will just stand it back up, there’s no soil to make a mess. Why don’t you use your energy to talk to me, tell me about yourself.”

The room went silent, the tree stopped moving; it was at this moment I had my first 'DOWNLOAD'.

In my minds eye I saw a picture of a man, dark hair white skin, wearing dark shabby clothing, his face was gaunt, thin and weathered, he looked to be middle aged, his face was sad, his eyes dull and lifeless. 

I said “who are you, what happened to you, why are you here?” 

I experienced the 'download', a blast of information into my brain.

I felt the entity had communicated with me, it said he was a labourer, he had gone to the pub after a hard day, he had got into a drunken fight with his best friend, he had stabbed his best friend to death.  He felt so much remorse for what he had done.  I felt empathy so much so that tears began to roll down my face.  I felt his sorrow, I felt the desperate lonesomeness of his soul. 
I said,  “I forgive you, you have spent to much time here, you can now go from this place”
The strange thing here is,  I did not think of these words, what to say.  I felt it was right, but I had not said these words.  I felt my mouth had opened and the words coming out were not of my making.

I then felt pure joy, a positive energy.  Then the room was still again as though nothing had happened.

Weeks and months went by, I never heard any more bumps in the night, nor did Pete.

I asked Peggy if there had been any more strangeness, Peggy said yes, it was strange that she had noticed the staff members to be more happy than usual, she said they used to be a bunch of miserable so and so’s but now they were so different, so happy.  Her cleaning cupboard had remained in good order and nothing had gone missing. I told Peggy what had happened to me, her face lit up and she said, “I knew it, I knew there was an unhappy spirit in my cupboard, and remember, I told you that the original building was a pub, it all makes sense!”

Shortly after this I was offered another job, I moved on knowing that the entity had gone, and maybe I had made a difference.

Dark Gate

I had gained employment as a Security area supervisor, my job was to visit sites within a specific area making sure the Officers operated correctly also to preform welfare checks.

I was already known within the Security community for my  involvement with paranormal events, often Officers would ask me to attend their sites even though I was not scheduled to do so.  I would fit them into my visits as a welfare request, which it was really as I could try to save their sanity.

Dark Gate was a Office block near to the center of Nottingham, Im not sure of its age but at a guess I would have said 60's. 

This site was guarded by THREE, yes THREE Security Officers, most places of its size only had one, but three is very rare.  I think the building owners knew about the Supernatural goings on in this building, three guards would be better for moral support!

The Guards had heard of my Ghost busting and requested I have a look in, the Officers on duty said that all sorts of strange things happened at this site. Mostly from 23:00 the oddness would occur, sometimes lasting til' 3 or 4am.  I had been to Dark Gate before, to visit the the manager, but of course he had never said anything about the paranormal. nor did I feel anything strange, so for the night Officers to pinpoint the time of strange events was interesting. 

I never go to a place instantly expecting the supernatural, often strange noises are heard at night because everything is much quieter than the day. An office block in the day time would be full of all sorts of sounds, from photocopier's, printer’s, coffee machines, telephone’s and of course the staff’s voices.

Sounds that are heard at night are not heard in the day due to being drowned out by the hustle and bustle of a business. Also many buildings make settling noises, creaks and groan's made by the fabric of the building as the temperature drops going into the night the building materials will contract, sometimes making noises as they do.

When the Officer called me, he did not elaborate on the goings on, just that it was regular and was getting to the point that they would not patrol, even though there was three of them:  I thought that because the happenings were from a specific time it may have been as simple as the buildings old heating system kicking in, maybe it just needed a good service.  Perhaps the pipes had air in them causing them to vibrate, sometimes such a noise in a quite place can sound like something unworldly. Maybe the Officers on duty had scared themselves, talked their own minds into paranoia. 

If someone says there is a ghost that haunts a place, many people will convince themselves of ghostly activity even when there is none; to the mind of a novice, a simple bump or bang can lead one to imagine all sorts of things.

How very wrong I was!

The building was quite drab from the outside, when one went into the reception, there was a large high dark wooden reception desk that the officers sat behind, to the left was the stair well and in front two lifts.  When I went to visit them, I was allowed to use the underground car park; I arrived at 22:30, and as soon as I parked up I felt a presence, the atmosphere was heavy, negative.

As soon as I got out the car I felt weird. 

I met with the Officer who made the call, he greeted me at the basement stairs, we then made our way up the stairs to the ground floor and Officer base. He introduced me to the other Officers, then made me a  cup of tea.  We sat down and Mike (the first Officer) began to tell me what was going on.

There were seven floors to the building as well as the basement car park: Six of the floors were occupied with businesses renting the space but the seventh floor was unoccupied, it was rarely rented. When it was rented the tenants would only last two weeks because of "events" that took place up there.

On the occasion that a tenant would complain about the state of their office, paper everywhere, chairs knocked over and computers broken the site management would tell them that it must have been a disgruntled member of staff that had gained entry some how and trashed the office, there was CCTV up there but the management would never show the tenant the footage!


Mike explained that there was what he believed to be a poltergeist on the seventh floor, a particularly nasty Poltergeist that would throw chairs and tables around like paper.  It emptied the cleaners bleach bottles over paperwork and smashed monitors.  The pure rage of this entity was limitless it seemed.

Mike and his colleagues would not patrol the seventh floor after 22:00, he said they were not paid any where near enough.

After my cup of tea I asked that one of the Officers take me up there.  Mike said he would take me.  We had to go via the service lift as the main lifts were shut down at night, don't know why.

To get to the service lift we had to go through the underground car park, half way through the car park we heard a very loud gravely voice bark my name, several times! It was not just me that heard the voice, Mike heard it too.

Mike said he had never heard that before and how the f**k did it know my name?

I thought then, we are in for some fun tonight!

When we got to the seventh floor, we saw the cleaners cupboard door was open and mops and buckets had been thrown around, the sight of this took me back to my first encounter, what was it about cleaners cupboards that attracted these entity’s.  Mike told me the cleaners had not been up here for months as they refused to!

The toilets that were on the landing area had been trashed too, paper towels strewn everywhere and liquid soap squirted on the walls.  The door to the Office now loomed menacingly in front of me. Mike said that the landing was as far as he was going to go and if I wanted to enter the office he would wait for me outside.

I entered the seventh floor!

The lights were not working, only emergency lights and the glow of the city illuminated my path, it was silent, deadly silent, I could only hear my self breathing.  I walked cautiously to the other end of the floor, there was nothing in the room as it had not been rented for some time, I was drawn to another room at the far side of the office space, like a managers office.  I could feel something watching me, my heart started to race, I opened the door to the little office... that's all I remember!

Mike who had been waiting for me said he heard very loud shouting and swearing coming from the office, then thumps and bangs from within that lasted about 5 minutes then he said he heard me shout for him to come and help me, not to be afraid as the ghost had gone for now, when he reached me he said I was sat on the floor looking dazed and confused. Mike helped me to my feet and said that he thought I could do with another cup of tea! 

We arrived back at the Officer base, Jack and Brian, the other two Officers were eagerly waiting to ask what had happened, I could not tell them anything;  I told them I opened the little office door, then nothing until Mike had helped me up, I must have blacked out; I do not recall shouting or indeed asking Mike for help, all I remember is seeing Mike when he helped me up.  I felt exhausted, my body was aching, I felt light headed and a little queasy, Jack noted that the colour had left my face, I was very pale, as if I'd seen a ghost!

After sitting a while and recovering, I told the chaps that I was not entirely sure what had happened,  I asked Mike to give a detailed account of what he had heard.

You went into the main office, after a minute or so I heard your voice saying loudly
“your kind is not wanted here!”

“You must leave this realm never to return.”

Then there was a strange voice like the one we heard in the basement, I didn't quite make out what it said but it kind of howled as though in pain. Mike said his heart was going like the clappers, he felt all his hair standing on end, he was really fighting the urge to leave, but knew he had to stay as I was in there on my own.  He said he felt very strange, his stomach felt like it does when your car drives over a humped bridge. After the howl there was a series of bangs and thuds, then silence. A few minutes later Mike heard me calling for him.

I told the guys I would have to think on what happened and I would get back to them as soon as I could remember anything. I asked them to let me know about anything that happened in the future.  It was now getting close to 01:00 I was running late for my next visit.  I thanked Mike for helping me as he led me to the basement.

As I walked to my car there was another car parked near the middle of the car park, it was in the area the entity shouted my name, the car was covered in ectoplasm; not like on Ghostbusters, ectoplasm is actually whitish grey with the consistency if a runny paper mache, this substance is often left in the wake of a supernatural event.

In the days that passed I thought hard about that night at Dark Gate; my mind was drawn back to my first encounter, when I had spoken words that I knew were not my own.

Could it be that I am helped by something, do I have a guardian Angel with me that takes over when I encounter anything too powerful?  Protecting me.

I called Mike a month or so later, to ask if there had been any more activity. Mike said they had not called me because there was nothing to call about. The Guards had even started patrolling the seventh floor again. Every night finding the area to be the same as they night before, still and quite. Mike said whatever I had performed up there seemed to have done the trick.

I got a new position a few months later within the same company but I never heard anything else about Dark Gate.

More to follow soon.

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