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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

The Life of a Truth Seeker

These recollections are of my early, and rather weird childhood during the early 1960's... a time before Eric Von Daniken first asked 'Was God an Astronaut?'

There was hardly anything on the TV in those days about UFOs, and the only movies I was allowed to see at the cinema in my pre-teen years were MGM Cinema Club cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Silvester and Tweety Pie and of course, good old Tom and Jerry.

Yet despite having such a sheltered upbringing, how odd it was that I enjoyed so many reoccurring dreams about me witnessing fleets of shining sphere-type UFOs moving at speed across the night sky - hundreds of objects... the same kind of sightings that we are only just hearing about nowadays with the armadas of orbs over Mexico and elsewhere.


I remember thinking it strange at the time that no one else was seeing and reporting these incredible pass overs of what I considered to be alien objects; but for me back then, life was FAR more bizarre than merely dreaming of UFO fleets, for in-between times I had countless OBE - Out of Body Experiences as well - along with several premonitions - including one about my grandmother dying.

This is where in my mind, I had experienced a vision, clearly seeing her frozen to death in her armchair, some two weeks before she actually passed away in exactly the circumstances I had foreseen; as confirmed by a Policeman who delivered the bad news to our front door... poor old gran had died alone in her favorite chair of hypothermia; this kinda' made me feel guilty that I hadn't spoken out... but who would have heeded this premonition anyway? certainly not my parents.

In my early teens I often popped into our local Public Library looking for books about UFO's and the Paranormal: particular titles that I often made a beeline for were 'The End of Borley Rectory', (written by ghost hunter Harry Price), and a couple by George Adamski, alleged alien contactee (whose story I now consider as highly doubtful); naturally, after admiring their eye-catching covers, the photographic plates contained within were usually my next port of call... then I would either carefully digest a chapter or so of text, or if I became too engrossed I would simply take the book out on loan.

A few years on and I actively began scouring the secondhand book shops in my quest for yet more knowledge, buying imported pulp paperbacks about UFOs and the Supernatural with my meager bit of pocket money - sometimes even stretching to the odd hard cover.

My parents didn't want to know about any such topics; this kind of stuff was just too far out  for them to cope with, so I had to keep quiet about my continued passion for the unknown.

Really, I have never climbed aboard the merry-go-round of mainstream life, always preferring things that were slightly weird, counter culture and underground; but looking back to my formative years, people must have thought me a tad antisocial, mainly just because I didn't appreciate the same things that the masses liked, yet somehow I blagged my way through and got away with it; even at school, aside from having to put up with the odd bit of hassle, (including a few beatings with the cane from our headmaster), due to my resistance against authority and my irreverence of 'normal' activities such as football and other sports; plus not always fitting in with the playground crowd... all-in-all, I reckon that I came through that period relatively unscathed... considering.

I couldn't help my somewhat rebellious attitude', and I'm still the same now; going to football matches or traipsing around garden centres and stately homes is not my idea of pleasure... although conversely, I do enjoy getting out and exploring the countryside, ancient sites and that kind of thing... which others might also see as 'boring', but as they say... each to his own.

The madding crowd wasn't for me and still isn't today - with a part of me sensing that I didn't quite belong on this earth at all - a feeling which probably arose from all of my OBE/Astral Projection experiences: Things even went as far as for me to start considering the human body to be just a cumbersome straitjacket which anchored my true, inner spiritual body.

Of course, I dared not utter one word of how I truly felt about the staus quo to anyone during those early years, for fear of people thinking that I was not just that 'weird kid', but someone who, (to the uninitiated), would have seemed 'as mad as a hatter'... and it is only now, at a time in my life when I really don't care less what people think of me, that I can finally put pen to paper with the truth.

To this date I have seen many, many UFOs, some at relatively close quarters as well; I even interacted with one of the objects a few years ago where it, (or they), responded back in quite a graphic way, an event for which I have witnesses.

The whys and wherefores are hard to explain, and the reader may find it hard to understand that these things, (the 'craft' and their controllers), behave in very mysterious ways indeed, (to our way of thinking anyhow) - and those behind this whole phenomenon can often act in a manner that is more reminiscent of spirits than space beings.

Furthermore, in my experience we are dealing with something that is quite benevolent and originates from a dimension that possibly interpenetrates with our own physical realm - an unrecognised but intergral part of planet Earth itself: That's the closest description I can come up with as to how they operate, WHAT they may be like and their provenance.

I have come to understand that the true champions of our subject... the contactees, active field researchers etc, are selected for their 'task' at a very early age, (perhaps even before birth), and thus they are more likely to stay the full distance of this truth seeking marathon, while many other "investigators" (note the use of inverted commas), fall by the wayside.

So, if anyone of a skeptical ilk sneeringly enquires whether I really see and believe in UFOs, and/or whether I am an experiencer of 'paranormal phenomena', (which, more accurately IMHO should be called 'psychic' phenomena), I will say 'yes, so what? do you have a problem with that?'