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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

Earth Mysteries, Lost Knowledge & Sound Right Reasoning

 By Kenneth John Parsons

'Ley' Sketch by Hilary Porter

Despite the fact that 'Earth Mysteries' is a topic which largely remains outside of the paradigms of what is accepted in Ufology, I would like to reveal some potentially important things that I have discovered during my years of investigating the subject of Ley Lines.

Some of the Why’s and How’s

Although many still have a belief in a superhuman controlling power, (especially a personal God or Gods), today, most people do not consider the earth to be a living deity, as it was once considered.

Nearly every culture in human history has sought to honor the divine, the mysterious, the supernatural, or the extraordinary in some way. Most often this happened/happens at special, sacred places, where the physical world seems to meet the spiritual world; and this is I believe, where Ley Lines once came into play.

Ley Lines (a title coined only last century and much misused since), are all over the world, yet they can only be seen partially, through their landscape alignment marker points; or if these have been lost/buried through time, development etc, the markers may still be detectable either through the careful research of historical records and maps - and also by dowsing.

The lines resemble a sort of linear dot-to-dot puzzle; they are comprised of sacred sites which were built at intervals in relatively straight lines, stretching across the countryside, ranging from two or three miles in length and beyond.

Often included along each line are old churches, abbey’s, castles, (as many of the pre-Reformation churches, abbey’s etc were built on the sites of pagan temples), stone megaliths, funerary locations, etc, along with other important features in the landscape such as springs, wells, groves etc; all of these (whether still standing and preserved, crumbling remnants, or simply the long-buried foundations of), can all be components which constitute a Ley Line.

Most Ley Lines also served as pathways for Pilgrims, who travelled across country between these sites of holy significance; from what I have studied, there was a definite belief in bygone centuries that walking the lines, (for miles on end sometimes), served to purify oneself, while at the same time creating a deeper connection with the Living Earth/God.

Contrary to what some critics say, I believe there are much more to Ley Lines than mere coincidence of positioning 'they' would have us believe.

These days, it is the mainly overlooked knowledge which can give us hints as to our ancestors belief in Ley Lines; and when I use the term 'ancestor', in point of fact we don't have to go back many centuries ago to find clues; even as recent as the early 20th century there is evidence to suggest that many members of our wealthy aristocratic classes privately pursued the enigma of earth energies and dowsing with great enthusiam.

My archival delvings have uncovered traces of a 'lost' wisdom; and this in turn seems to point to one main thing; that basically, our distant forefathers constructed their places of worship in accordance with certain natural telluric (earth) energy flows and vibrations.

There are clues which even indicate a strong previous belief in the geometric and harmonic relationship between religious places and the earth itself; anciently, our planet was not considered as just a lump of rock, but revered as a living, thinking organism in its own right... and who is to say that our ancestors were wrong?

"My research shows that this strange belief involved not only the special placement of particular sacred buildings, but the arithmetical, geometrical shaping of the structures too."

Certain shapes such as the pyramid, have been scientifically proven to emit what has been dubbed 'morphic resonance', the vibrational frequency of form, (or as independent scientist Rupert Sheldrake terms it "the basis of memory in nature... the idea of mysterious telepathy-type interconnections between organisms and of collective memories within species."), and these frequencies would have been thought at the time to have worked in harmony with, (or enriched), subtle energies generated by the planet. Worth reading also.

Of course, what is a church spire but an elongated pyramid anyway? Which leads one to another question, whether the later church constructions were also sympathetically designed in accordance with such ancient knowledge, albeit secretly.

"Now things are beginning to add up."

The natural earth energies mentioned are to be found in the form of underground water capillaries, often being squeezed through rock strata, (and this action generates small amounts of piezo electrical current), plus geomagnetic forces which radiate out from the earth in straight lines from the poles...

...and there is another factor which binds all of these interesting fact-ingredients together.

Ground Radio

Yes indeed, there is so much more to the earth than we are generally 'sold'.

"For instance: How many readers are aware that the earth actually resonates at its own frequency, (or radio band), of VLF, (Very Low Frequency), 1 kHz to 100 kHz?" (more here)

It is a little known fact that even the British army covertly used Earth Conduction, (currents), for Signaling purposes before and during World War 1.

Without getting overly technical - this is where pulse waveforms from a power buzzer, (better known for its application in Morse code), can be sent long-range, through the ground, without huge masts or miles of wires.

The drawback with conventional transmission antennas in the battlefield had always been enemy eavesdropping; that is why ground radio was such an advantageous method for sending important orders secretly.

Early military experiments with Earth Current Signaling, involved the burying of two electrodes into the ground, a hundred meters or so apart, each connected to the transmitter’s antenna output terminals; with two more ground electrodes similarly spaced and attached to the buzzer or radio, or by a loop laid on the surface, at the receiving end.

Using this ‘conduction’ method, signals could be detected up to seven miles away. WW1 battlefield usage employed an ELF, Extremely Low frequency transmitter, (linked from its output connections to a rifle bayonet, which in turn was pushed into the soil), with a matching receiver set up some miles distant, (again with absolutely no connecting wires in between) a strong signal was injected into the ground and a weak, but identical signal was extracted by the receiver.

Soil was found to be quite a good conductor, and ECS worked well in field situations - until that was, the introduction of domestic electricity, when current leaking from power lines began to seriously interfere with this electromagnetic anomaly.

One or two of you studying this narrative may say - so what? why mention 'Radio'? What the Dickens are you getting at here?

My point is to ask, isn't it possible that together with the natural conduction of Earth Energies, Vascular Streams plus the Psychic expenditure from Prayer at alignments of pilgrimage sites, (and even this Through the Ground Transmission phenomenon), that 'Leys' had a very real function? Namely, they may have served a religious purpose, however seemingly naive; maybe an attempt to connect with '"God'", (inverted commas), which, over several millennia, would have ranged from the living earth  deity called 'Gaia', (amongst other titles - together with her superintendents the Green Man, and various other nature deities), and latterly the traditional Christian type "God"? Perhaps the idea isn't as outrageous as it sounds... the power of 'belief' knows  no bounds.

Many open minded readers will have already joined those parts of the puzzle together; but wait, there's more, the picture is only partially completed; there is even evidence to suggest that Ley Lines could well play a major part in the appearance of some Unidentified Aerial Objects!

"Do as I have done, and plot unidentified aerial light phenomena on Ordnance Survey maps for many years, and you will soon begin to see what we are dealing with here."


After years of re-discovering lost alignments and marking them onto map sheets, it became noticeable to me that UFOs often occur over Ley Line areas… areas that have these lines of marker-buildings and various other sites of worship to their credit; exhaustive cross-checking between my maps and the BEAMS Reports database, confirmed this conclusively.

Filmed and reported UFO activity above these lines certainly suggests to me some kind of relationship between the lines and these strange aerial objects.

Agreed, a percentage of the UFOs seen and recorded over these places may well be earth-generated luminosities; airborne masses of highly-charged plasma, which are somehow triggered by the aforementioned subterranean forces.; these are so-called ‘dumb’ light phenomena, such as 'marsh gas lights' for example.

"Sticking point.."

Yet there is a sticking point here, as many other mysterious aerial objects that I have had the opportunity to study, appear to display controlled/sentient characteristics; and it goes without saying really, that if this same type of phenomena had been witnessed by our distant ancestors, those onlookers would have doubtless viewed the UFOs as 'Gods' - and perhaps built their sacred henge sites etc accordingly to where such miracles in the sky occurred; as above, so below, and the 'God Shops', (churches and similar sacred edifices), followed in their footsteps - as fashions changed and centuries rolled by.

More than this I cannot say, but I think that the reader may agree, the radical ideas, clues and possibilities presented here have offered up some rare insights into the multi faceted, interconnected subjects of Earth Mysteries, Leys Lines and UFOs.


Kenneth John Parsons is the chairman of The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society, which was initially set up in 1991, primarily as a non profit-making studies group; but eventually, rather than merely holding monthly meetings for those interested in learning about various phenomena, BEAMS became more concerned with the gathering and reporting of data pertaining to our particular areas of enquiry.

In order to perform this task, they have set up a countrywide network of ears and eyes to relay intelligence to them. These are their reporters/investigators, and each is termed as a BEAMS ‘Office’, of which they have a number up and down the UK.

As well as running BEAMS, Kenneth has studied the various aspects of Ley Lines for many years, and is still an active field investigator in the subject. Using maps, psychic intuition, along with the data from archival research, (which entails searches for long-forgotten social customs, legends, folklore etc), he, (together with his partner Hilary), regularly hunts for lost ancient holy places.

These include healing wells/springs, shrines, or even the foundations of early church buildings, often long since abandoned overgrown or built over, all of which are usually key marker points on earth energy pathways.

Kenneth is also a writer, (former freelance journalist), and has had numerous articles published in magazines around the world.

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