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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

27-05-17 - Godalming, Surrey, UK Repeater Witness UFO Report -
Clear Flying Saucer Craft Seen Again Between 12.30 Ė 12.50am

"The reason I am contacting you again now is that I have since seen what would appear to be the same (or very similar craft) on two further separate occasions, the last time being late last night, and this has prompted me to believe thereís something odd going on around Cranleigh, Surrey. Iím not sure why I see these craft, I donít believe Iím in any way special (or mad) but what I will say is that since the life changing sighting I had in October, I have had a feeling of almost hyper-awareness with regard to the anomalies in the sky, Iím always looking and always wondering whether I will catch another glimpse. I will describe both events now.

Last night I was at my friendís house in Godalming having a catch-up; I was visiting the area as I now live in the midlands. It was late so I decided it was time to leave and we walked out to front side gate and were about to say our farewells when I noticed a light in the distance, above what looked in the darkness to be a treed hilltop.

This light stuck out as it was a perfectly clear night and this light was changing colour beautifully, from red to blue to gold to green (not necessarily in that order).

We stood there staring at it and pondering whether it could be the effect of clouds passing in front of a star but there were just no clouds and the lights were very abnormal.

As I left, my friend said ĎI bet something happens to you on the way home nowí to which I jokingly thanked him for his encouraging words! I drove back home from Godalming, (the usual route I take, which brings me out onto the A281 back to Cranleigh) and once I had got onto this road I began to catch glimpses of a very low flying craft that I instantly knew as the same thing I had seen in Oct (and possibly March).

It was the same pulsing red light as before, but this time the red light would stay on for periods and it was flying a little over tree top height.

This thing was elusive in the sense that it was always lurking just beyond the trees and again it was close enough that there should have been an awful lot of noise to keep something like that airborne in such manner and yet no sound was heard with my windows wound down.

I drove through Bramley and out the other side and seemed to lose it for a while only for it to intermittently reappear. It just looked so wrong and peculiar but I was determined to remain calm. I decided to drive down Smithwood Common again, which is where I initially saw the craft in Oct, to see if it would happen again there but I didnít see it on the long straight this time. As I was driving towards the left hand turn towards St Josephs School, I saw it again off to my right above the grounds of Cranleigh School. Big at this point as this was closer than the glimpses I had caught earlier in the drive, and no sound, just gliding through the sky at tree top height.

I took the left hand turn and continued back to Cranleigh via Barhatch Lane. As I got back to the exact same location (T junction opposite Park Mead) where the thing had flown directly across in front of my car in Oct 2016, I glimpsed it flying in the area above the local shop in Park Mead. I decided I would try and follow it to see if I could get a closer look as I was much more calm this time around and just fascinated. I drove into the Park Mead estate and began weaving around the parked cars with an eye on sky and the intention of driving in a circular direction around the perimeter of the estate. I kept catching tiny glimpses of the lights on this thing but it was flying so low (just above roof level) it would quickly disappear behind a roof top. I got to Park Mead junior school and that was when it flew across the road from right to left and then off over the school!

It was at this point that the feature that had freaked me out most last time in Oct, the big window/viewing gallery on the side, came into view and at that point I knew it was definitely the same craft as before.

Amazed, I calmly drove home and went to bed happy that I had seen it again. I didnít have time to get out of my car and take a picture as it all happened so quickly but I am determined to catch this thing and I am now sure that I will see it again in the future. Whether itís a Gov. black project or ET, thereís something very odd going on here in the Cranleigh area."


Also - here is another strange sighting that I had back in March 2017.

This happened towards end of March (around 1am on a Sunday morning).

"Sorry I canít be more specific on the date (I have now decided to keep a log!). I was back in Surrey visiting my brothers and family and my older brother and I were driving back from a night around our younger brothers house in Shalford heading back to Cranleigh via the route that would take you past Gaston Gate roundabout and then Notcutts garden centre . It was quite late and I had clocked a peculiar red light in the sky that was moving oddly (swoops and arcs) at probably around 600ft above the field where they have the bonfire each year (adjacent the roundabout after Notcutts).

I was still a little freaked out by my earlier sighting in Oct so chose not to mention it initially to my older brother and to just keep an eye on it. As we drove through the village I would occasionally glimpse it in the corner of my right eye and then pointed it out to my brother who agreed it was weird but stated that it must be a large drone. I pointed out the time, the size of it and the manoeuvres it was pulling off as an argument against this and we agreed to disagree.

As I was driving down Ewhurst Road towards my parents house (where we were both going to stay that night) we noticed that the craft was one minute flying high to our right and then it swooped down very low and we momentarily lost sight of it. We both looked to our right as we drove slowly past New Park Road and that was when we clocked it flying parallel with the direction of my car but at road height! We could see the object with this pulsing red light above the road and as we drove past this road I said to my brother that it seems to be tracking our vehicle. I said to him lets drive past the next road (Woodlands Ave) and see if we  see it again so we did and there it was, again at road level moving in complete unison with my car! Even my brother, who is healthily sceptical considered this to be highly anomalous.

We concluded that to do this without having to divert over houses it would have passed down a track called the Ridgeway which links the two parallel roads. I then got anxious, it being so soon after my last up close sighting, and I spun around the roundabout and drove to my folks on Ewhurst Road between Woodlands Ave and New Park Road. Me and my brother had a chat over a cigarette in the garden when we got back. My brother said that while it was incredibly odd, he Ďchose to believe it was a large drone of some typeí.

While not impossible I guess, I would argue that the time of night, the lights and size of the craft, the lack of any noise (and the drones Iíve heard make a considerable amount), the movement and highly technical flying ability and just the general sense of strangeness I got from it leads me to believe it was something more fascinating than that. Whether these things I am seeing are high tech military or extra-terrestrial, it sounds weird, but I can almost instantly sense when something is wrong with what Iím seeing now and this was all wrong.

Anyway, hope you find these accounts interesting. Iíll keep watching the sky when Iím back down this way again as Iím determined to get this thing on camera.