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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO's), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

UFO Reports Database

UFOs = UAVs? Not so Fast!
UAVs are going to be all over our skies very soon.
Some have the potential to be misidentified for true UFOs (especially if the sighting lasts only a couple of minutes).
Because of this, we need to inform ourselves with the current and future capabilities of these machines, in order to better filter out good sightings.
At present, commercial UAVs have very limited flight time capacity: This factor is important to remember if in a potential sighting the UFO remains in the air for long periods of time.
At the end of the day, to say “I don’t know, therefore drones” is just as simplistic and LAZY as saying “I don’t know, therefore it's aliens.” Mysterious Universe

This is a research tool designed for seasoned and serious students of Ufology:
Most cases shown below have been critically analysed/evaluated/investigated and assessed as 'unsolved'; all listings are subject to review and data revision.

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The Best of British UFO Reports Listed in Chronological Order...

25/04/2017 - Fascinating - Large Unknown Craft Over Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK
25/04/2017 - Daytime Triangle Sphere Formation Shoreditch, London, UK (Wobbly Vid)
24/04/2017 - Interdimensional Forms/Entities? Over Shurdington, Cheltenham, Glos, UK
17/04/2017 - Fine Proof! Triangle UFO Videoed Over Exmouth, East Devon, UK (2 Vids)
16/04/2017 - [Just in For 070417] UFO Rec on Ryanair Flight 10 Mins f. Merseyside, UK
13/04/2017 - Report: Dark Knight Sat.-Like UFO Seen in Daylight, Greater Manchester, UK
11/04/2017 - Aerial Sphere Observed Flying Square Pattern, (Nr Deddington) Oxford, UK
11/04/2017 - Report: Large, Dark, Rugby Ball Shape UFO, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
10/04/2017 - Orange/Yellow Daylight Spheres Captured Over The Teign Estuary, UK
10/04/2017 - Report: Unexplained Bright Lights Over Blows Downs, Bedfordshire, UK
08/04/2017 - Report: Semi-Circle Orange Lights Seen Over Leavesden, Watford, Herts, UK
08/04/2017 - Pulsing UFO Sphere Disc Passes Contrail Over Shoreditch, E. London UK
09/04/2017 - Structured Circular Object w. Lights Nearby, Douglas, Isle of Man, GB
04/04/2017 - Flying Cross Shape UFO Captured (Daylight) Over Shoreditch, London, UK
02/04/2017 - Bizarre, Morphing, Black UFO Videoed Over Birmingham, UK
27/03/2017 - Puzzling Objects Captured in Clear Blue Sky Over Midlothian, Scotland, UK
25/03/2017 - Sphere-Type UFO Flying Under Plane Contrail, Shoreditch, E. London, UK
24/03/2017 - Colour-Changing UFO Videoed Over Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, UK
23/03/2017 - Report: 3 Dancing Objects Out To Sea, (Incred Speed), Bexhill, E. Sussex, UK

15/03/2017 - Unknown Aerial Object Recorded Over Shoreditch, East London UK
15/03/2017 - Mysterious, Internally Lit Object Seen/Photographed Over Teignbridge, UK
13/03/2017 - Interesting, Unseen UFO + Figure/Form Over East Preston, W.Sussex, UK
04/03/2017 - Report: Small Black "Spinning Disc" Seen Over London NW6
03/03/2017 - Two Morphing Disc/Donut UFOs Over Shoreditch, East London, UK
03/03/2017 - Report: Strange, (Possible Alien) Experience in Fareham, Hants, UK
28/02/2017 - Structured Unknown High Over Chatsworth Square, Carlisle, Cumbria, UK
23/02/2017 - Impressive, Bright Unidentified Lightform West of Manchester, GTM, UK
18/02/2017 - Possible Foo Fighter' Sphere UFO High Altitude Southampton, Hants, UK
18/02/2017 - Report: Large, Oval, Pulsating Red Blobs Moving Over Balham, S. London, UK
18/02/2017 - Huge Ball/Disc UFO Seen And Photographed Over Stanmore, London, UK
13/02/2017 - Metallic Disc-Like Object Hovering Over North Weald, S.W. Essex, UK
05/02/2017 - Report: Bright Spinning Disc Outside Bedroom Window: Telford, Shropshire, UK
29/01/2017 - Huge Object/Craft? Captured 3:44 AM Near Torquay, Teignbridge Dist, UK
25/01/2017 - Peculiar White Object Snapped Hovering Over Livingston, Scotland, UK
21/01/2017 - 2 Discs - 1 With Contrail Seen/Capt Again: Now Newlyn, S.W. Cornwall, UK
19/01/2017 - Triangle UFO Seen/Snapped Over Peel Common Area, Fareham, Hants, UK
18/01/2017 - Report: Flashing Sphere-Type UFO Over Romford, E. London, UK (Clip)
17/01/2017 - Report: Spheres Purple/Blue/Red Form Large Delta Shape Fareham, UK
17/01/2017 - Space Station Live Cam: Huge Snake-Like Object Capt by UK Enthusiast
09/01/2017 - Uncanny Purple Aerial Spheres Forming Triangles Over Gosport, Hants, UK
07/01/2017 - Report: Flying Man-Type UFO Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland, UK
05/01/2017 - UFO Which Caused Power Cut Snapped - Buckingham Park, Bucks, UK
04/01/2017 - Report: V.Interesting UFO Sighting @2am Over Brynmill, Swansea, Wales UK
03/01/2017 - Silent, Triangular UFO Hov Nr. Airport: Bitterne, Southampton, Hants, UK
29/12/2016 - Saucer-Like UFO Leaving Vapor Trail In Its Wake Over Exeter, Devon, UK
29/12/2016 - 2 Daylight, Pulsating Sphere UFOs Captured Over Islington, London, UK
29/12/2016 - Ex Military Guy Vids UFO Triangle of Lights St. Saviour, Jersey. C.I.
28/12/2016 - Report: Massive Black Triangle Seen by Two Witnesses Over Bristol, UK
28/12/2016 - Report: Unex Bright Light Over Car Hampton Court M3 to Bagshot Surrey, UK
28/12/2016 - Report: UFO With 4 Vertical, Pulsing R.Y.W.G. Lights: Haverhill, Suffolk, UK
25/12/2016 - Report: Glowing UFO Pink/Violet & White Pulsating Lights: Manchester, UK
24/12/2016 - Report: 2nd Sighting of High Speed Yellow Disc Over Windsor, Berks, UK
24/12/2016 - Report: Bright Aerial Lights Multi Directions S.E. Coast Aberdeen, Scot, UK
19/12/2016 - Report: Farmer Encounters Huge Energy Ball: Gt. Witchingham, Norfolk, UK
16/12/2016 - Mystery Black Helicopter ‘Chases Dark Ring’ UFO Over Southcoast UK
15/12/2016 - Disc-Like UFO Videoed Over Cribbs Causeway Bristol, UK
14/12/2016 - Report: 2 Witness Triangle Shaped Craft Over Queniborough, Leicester, UK
13/12/2016 - Solid UFO nr. Moon: Cols G.R. Flash Morph: by AST Corby Northants, UK
13/12/2016 - Interesting Coloured Disc Sphere UFO Canterbury, Herne Bay, Kent, UK
11/12/2016 - Very Odd Flying Trianglular-'Jet' UFO Videoed in Brownhills, Walsall, UK
10/12/2016 - IR UFO Footage (Bizarre - Bio Atmos Critters?) Midlothian, Scotland, UK
10/12/2016 - Report: Fast, Yellow Disc Seen Flying Over Windsor, Berks, UK
10/12/2016 - [Comp For 011016 'Gherkin' Case]: Green UFO Shoreditch London, UK
08/12/2016 - UFO Disc/Huge Creature? Shoreditch, (Daylight) East London, UK
05/12/2016 - Report: Gigantic Red And Orange UFO Skelmersdale, W.Lancashire, UK
02/12/2016 - Report: Triangle Formation of 3 Dark Objects Over Blackrod, Bolton GTM UK
01/12/2016 - Excl. UK Resident Spots Giant Multicoloured Space "Snake" In ISS Feed
01/12/2016 - Rec Today For 261116: Unseen Silver Saucer Object Keswick, Cumbria, UK
30/11/2016 - UFOs Return Over Enfield, London, UK 4AM 30/11/16, (Brief Footage)
28/11/2016 - Rec Today For 22nd: Unseen Wedge UFO Capture Swansea, Wales, UK
26/11/2016 - Daylight, Silver UFO Accidentally Captured on Photo Over Cumbria, UK
25/11/2016 - Report: Fast Orange UFO Portencross Castle Nr. Stevenston Ayrshire, UK
23/11/2016 - Report: Swinging Pendulum-Type UFO Barkisland/Ripponden, Halifax, UK
22/11/2016 - Report: 2 Extremely Fast UFOs Observed Over Worthing, W.Sussex, UK
19/11/2016 - 2 UFOs Flying Cruising in Tandem, (Day) Halewood, Liverpool, UK
18/11/2016 - Interesting UFO Activity Over Newtown Linford, Leicestershire, UK
15/11/2016 - Twisting Red/White UFO Captured On CCTV Manchester, GTM, UK
15/11/2016 - Bizarre Flying Humanoid Aerial Form (Morphing) N. Abbot, Devon, UK
14/11/2016 - Report: Unidentified Aerial Craft Seen Over Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, UK
13/11/2016 - Report: (VIP) A Silvery Disc Hovering Over Witness' Garden Worthing, UK
10/11/2016 - Report: Circular UFO Hovers Over Power Station 20 Mins, Larne, IRL, UK
09/11/2016 - Large Flying Saucer-Type UFO Captured Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
07/11/2016 - Report: Dark UFO + Spheres Chased by Jet/s Over Shirley, Birmingham, UK
06/11/2016 - Report: Triangle Seen Bradford Moor: Flew Towards Scammonden Dam, UK
04/11/2016 - Green, Horseshoe-Shaped Object Hovered Then Shot Away: SW UK
02/11/2016 - Fleet of 13 Objects (Led by Cigar UFO) Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
01/11/2016 - Report: Dark Brown Flying Triangle Seen High Over Rushden, NHants, UK
25/10/2016 - Pair of Interesting Daylight UFOs Seen From Droylsden, Manchester, UK
23/10/2016 - Small, Silver Landed UFO on Worthing Golf Course, Worthing, Sussex, UK
23/10/2016 - New: Alien?/Psi Attack (Physical Marks) QinetiQ Farnborough, Hants, UK
22/10/2016 - Report: 20M Craft W. Oval Window Figures Seen Inside, Cranleigh, UK (Art)
20/10/2016 - Dark, Slow Moving Craft Observed Over Edmonton, N.W. London, UK
19/10/2016 - Unseen 'Saucer' UFO Snapped Huddersfield, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, UK
19/10/2016 - Report: Interesting Craft UFO Seen Over Bristol (South of Little Stoke), UK
18/10/2016 - Report: UFO 'Thing' Immersed in Cloud Over Clumber Park, Nottingham, UK
17/10/2016 - V. Odd Huge Black Flying Triangle Captured Over The Teign Estuary, UK
17/10/2016 - Just In (5 Day Old Case) Flying Disk Daylight UFO Bylaugh, Norfolk, UK
16/10/2016 - Very Interesting UFO Above Kingsholm Rugby Grounds, Gloucester, UK
16/10/2016 - 3 Very Weird, Unseen UFOs Captured Over Cheletenham, Gloucester, UK
16/10/2016 - Doughnut/Flying Tyre UFO Videoed Over Shoreditch, East London, UK
16/10/2016 - Report: Large, Silent, Pink UFO Seen Over Wallington, Surrey, UK
15/10/2016 - Report: 3 Large Lights Hov Over House Before Vanishing, Basildon, Essex, UK
15/10/2016 - Report: "Halo Games"-Type Craft Seen Over Warminster, Wiltshire, UK
14/10/2016 - Another Superb Old Case Just In (09/12/15) Way-Out UFO Watford, UK
13/10/2016 - New/Old (25/09/16) Must See Daylight Shot 'UFOs' Gwynedd, Wales, UK
12/10/2016 - Report: UFO Activity (9 Circular Objects), Over Shoreditch, East London, UK
10/10/2016 - Star Case: Real Alien Grey Enc. Bakers Park, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
07/10/2016 - Nice! A Cloaked Daylight Flying Saucer Exposed? Weymouth Dorset, UK
04/10/2016 - 2nd Night in Row: Low UFO (Approx 200ft Up) Not ISS, Bristol, S.W. UK
03/10/2016 - Huge Sphere UFO Seen (Low Not the ISS) Photographed Bristol, S.W. UK
03/10/2016 - Clear Copper Colored Bullet Type UFO Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
02/10/2016 - UFOs Captured on Camera Over Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland, UK
02/10/2016 - Abnormally-Shaped Oddity (Not ISS See Chart) Shot Gloucester, UK
02/10/2016 - Rocket Bullet-Type UFO Videoed Over Bridgemary, Gosport, Hants, UK
01/10/2016 - Shape-Shifting UFOs Over Farmland Earnley, Chichester, West Sussex, UK
01/10/2016 - Sphere UFO Over Building Near 'The Gherkin' Shoreditch, London, UK
30/09/2016 - Huge Black Triangle Snapped in Daylight Over Wrekin Hill, Shropshire, UK
30/09/2016 - Disc or Bullet-Like UFO Broad Daylight + Another Hogs Back, Surrey, UK
29/09/2016 - Report: Huge 'Star' + Square UFO Outline Over Holes Bay, Pool, Dorset, UK
29/09/2016 - Freak/Portal/Opening/Disc? Capt Daylight Over Shoreditch, E. London, UK
27/09/2016 - Report: UFO With Lights (size of a Mini) Kirkcaldy, Fife E. Scotland, UK
26/09/2016 - Strange 'Alien Light Being' In The Sky Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
26/09/2016 - New SBM: Vid 08/04/16 Mil Copter' Chasing UFO Worthing, SXW, UK
25/09/2016 - Report: Dark Oval Object at 45 Degree Tilt in Sky Over Chatham, Kent, UK
25/09/2016 - Report: Form 5/6 Bright Lights Moving Fast High Alt Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
24/09/2016 - Extra Strange Daylight UFO Videoed Over Pilsley, Derbyshire, UK
24/09/2016 - Report: Spinning White/Yellow Lit Disc Objects Over Blyth Newcastle, UK
23/09/2016 - Saucer UFO (16/09/16) Shot By Copter' FLIR Cam Bristol Channel, UK
23/09/2016 - Daylight Flying Saucer With Contrail Captured Newton Abbot Devon, UK
18/09/2016 - Black Disc-Like UFO Videoed (LoRes) Over Gloucester Town, Glouc, UK
16/09/2016 - Report: Circular Object Seen Flying Over Montrose, Angus, Scotland, UK
15/09/2016 - Blue Centered Type UFO, (Exquisite) Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
15/09/2016 - Blue & Red Disc-Like UFO Captured on Photo Over Aldershot, Hants, UK
12/09/2016 - Flotilla of Weird, Black UFOs FR. Shoreditch High St, East London, UK
12/09/2016 - Report: Heli' Chases 2 Triangle-Shaped UFOs Over Exmoor, East Devon, UK
13/09/2016 - Report: Black RD UFO SRNDD by Haze: Shocking Speed: Peterborough, UK
11/09/2016 - First Class Evidence: Living? Playful Spheres Near Jet Plane, Devon, UK
11/09/2016 - Report: Black Objects Following BRT Orb Chemtrail, Islington, London, UK
09/09/2016 - Dashcam Footage UFO Triangle Dublin Highway, Ireland, British Isles
08/09/2016 - Report: Yellow/White Circular UFO, (w. Flames?) Shoots Over Gatwick UK
08/09/2016 - Report: Darting, Morphing Spheres Over Lodgemoor, Sheffield, S. Yorks, UK
07/09/2016 - Variety of Unusual Aerial Phenomena Over Plympton, Plymouth, UK
05/09/2016 - Report: Tilted UFO Seen by 3 WTNS: Low in Sky - Murton, Co Durham, UK
04/09/2016 - Report: Trophy/EggTimer Shape UFO Over Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancs, UK
03/09/2016 - Report: Black Triangle w. Flashing Lights Over Home, Ashburton, Devon, UK
02/09/2016 - Report: Rapid Moving Silent, Circular Craft Seen Over Liverpool, NW UK
02/09/2016 - Black Dorito-Shaped UFO? Seen Again Over Putnoe, Bedford, Beds, UK
02/09/2016 - Report: Darting Aerial Lights Seen North From Warboys, Cambs, UK
01/09/2016 - Report: Bouncing Aerial Light Seen South of Black Mountains Wales, UK
00/09/2016 - NFD: (Month/Year Only) Triangle Seen Over Goldington, Bedfords, Beds, UK
30/08/2016 - Report: Silvery Metallic Sphere Seen High Over Jesus Green, Cambridge, UK
30/08/2016 - Massive Sky Creature-Type UFO Captured Buckingham Palace, London, UK
30/08/2016 - Flying Disc/Saucer High Over The Thames The Sky Garden, London, UK
30/08/2016 - Report: Mystery 150ft Silent Flying Triangle Craft Over Basildon, Essex, UK
30/08/2016 - Report: Large F/Triangle (Not Drone) 100-200ft alt. Waterlooville, Hants, UK
29/08/2016 - Clear Daylight Disc? UFO Accidentally Captured Over Salcombe, Devon, UK
29/08/2016 - Gorgeous Daylight Multicolored Disc (Hovered - Shot Away) Devon, UK
29/08/2016 - Absurd "Flying Anvil" Shape UFO: Daylight Vid Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK
29/08/2016 - Report: Silver and Black Sphere, Erratic Motions, West Derby, Liverpool, UK
27/08/2016 - Report: Large, White Sphere UFO Heathrow FP Herne Hill , SE London, UK
26/08/2016 - Large Plasma-Type Sphere Checks Out Virgin Atlantic Jet Over Devon, UK
24/08/2016 - White, Hover. Then Rapid Acc. F/Saucer Over Peterborough, Cambs, UK
24/08/2016 - Mystery Aeroforms/Anomalies 100716 + 070816 Romford, E. London UK
24/08/2016 - Report: Strange Red UFO Seen Over Halewood, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
23/08/2016 - Strange, Unseen Daylight Structured UFO Over Luton, Beds, UK
22/08/2016 - Orange UFO (Assc. W. 2 White Orbs) - Earnley, Chichester, Sussex UK
22/08/2016 - Report: Black Tyre-Shaped UFOs (Also March 20, 2015) Bolton, Lancs, UK
14/08/2016 - Daylight Footage, Trio Dancing UFOs Letchworth Garden City, Herts, UK
14/08/2016 - Black Oval UFO W. Curved Rectangle Front Dangling 2 Cuboids (Loc?) UK
13/08/2016 - Superb Daylight Silver Disc UFO Captured Over Douglas Isle of Man, UK

12/08/2016 - Report: Structural Eng. Sees Huge Upright Triangle Over A5082, Lancs UK 
08/08/2016 - Intriguing 30 Minute Hovering Lightform Spheres, Windsor, Berks, UK

07/08/2016 - Report: A Very Large Grey/White Oval Object Dunnett Bay, Scotland, UK
07/08/2016 - Report: Two Pink UFOs Seen High Altitude Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
05/08/2016 - (And 6th) 2 Reports by Same Witness Woodbury Common, Devon, UK
04/08/2016 - Report: Unusual Light Phenomena Observed Port Talbot, South Wales, UK
03/08/2016 - Hilary Porter: New Possible Abduction Alien Greys, Farnborough, Hants (Art)
30/07/2016 - Report: 3 Lights Flew in Tandem Then Stopped/Reversed S.E. London, UK

29/07/2016 - Dark Cigar-Type UFO With Window Over Newton Abbot Devon, UK
29/07/2016 - Unexplained Aerial Light Captured During Skywatch, Winchester, Hants
29/07/2016 - Report: 'Dancing' Aerial Lights Over Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, UK
28/07/2016 - New/Old Case (New Sub) Spiky Sphere as Livingston Enc 79, Bristol, UK
27/07/2016 - Report: Flying Cross With Lights Seen Twice, Silverdale and M6 Lancs, UK
25/07/2016 - Exclusive: Update Recent Mystery Black Object Ayr Harbour Scotland, UK
23/07/2016 - Report: Black, Donut-Form Object (W/Haze Around) Lewisham, London, UK
23/07/2016 - Fast-Moving Isosceles Triangle of Lights Seen Over Reading, Berks, UK
21/07/2016 - High Altitude Disc UFO Above Plane Contrail, Newton Abbot Devon, UK
21/07/2016 - Marvellous Living Seahorse-Shaped UFO/Figure Captured Over Devon UK
20/07/2016 - Circular Craft Seen by Aerospace Engineer/Pilot Over Flitwick, Beds, UK

20/07/2016 - Report: Black, Spinning, Spherical Object Over Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK
18/07/2016 - Cylinder Type Craft Issuing Smoke From Rear Newton Abbot Devon, UK
18/07/2016 - Odd-Looking Pearl-Like Aerial Spheres Captured Over Aldershot, Hants, UK
18/07/2016 - Substantial UFO Seen Tailing Beluga Aircraft Over Liverpool, Merseyside UK
18/07/2016 - Huge White Light, (With Sudden Disappearance of), Passing Over Plymouth, UK
17/07/2016 - 3 Black/Grey Loz Curved-Topped Craft Hov Above Field: Grimsby, UK (art)
17/07/2016 - Report: Substantial Silver Unidentified Flying Object Seen Over Plymouth, UK
17/07/2016 - Alien Grey Being WTNS in Garden 4:30 a.m. Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
17/07/2016 - Report: Unexp Bright Round Light Over Fields Near M5 Taunton, Somerset, UK
17/07/2016 - Mystery Red and Blue Lights Flew Silent in Unison Over Camborne, Cornwall, UK
17/07/2016 - Awesome Phenomena at 3 a.m. Over Earnley, Chichester, W.Sussex, UK
16/07/2016 - Clear, Daylight UFO (+ Comparison Case) Over Dawlish Warren Devon, UK
15/07/2016 - Two Flying Unknowns Photographed Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
11/07/2016 - Report: 3 Strange 'Sandwiched' Aerial Lights Seen Over Woking, Surrey, UK
09/07/2016 - Brief Report: Unidentified (Triangle?) Craft Witnessed Portsmouth, Hants, UK
07/07/2016 - Triangle of Lights Captured Earnley, Chichester, West Sussex, UK
06/07/2016 - Cross/Circular UFO Seen/Photographed Bathgate, W.Lothian, Scot, UK
06/07/2016 - UFO's Witnessed and Photographed Over Hastings, Sussex, UK

06/07/2016 - Report: On Going Case: Unusual Light Phenomena Over Ebbw Vale, Wales, UK
03/07/2016 - Report: UFO - '2 Objects Stuck on Top of Each Other' Wadhurst, E.Sussex, UK
01/07/2016 - Blue Steam Iron-Shaped UFO Seen Midnight-1:30am Folkestone, Kent, UK
28/06/2016 - Report: Rotating, Multi Coloured UFO Seen Over Islington, London, UK
26/06/2016 - UFO With Extending Tube, (Early Hours), Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
25/06/2016 - 2 Angled Lights: Tandem Flight (Edges Cloaked Triangle?) Horndean, UK
25/06/2016 - Morphing UFO: Looking From Barton Hills, Herts, UK to Luton, Beds, UK
23/06/2016 - Did Something Quite Exceptional Land on Surrey Heath? Surrey, UK
22/06/2016 - 9 Spheres Observed Emerging Out of 1 - Hounslow, Grtr London, UK
16/06/2016 - Report: Silent 9 Light Triangle Seen Moving Over Dudley, West Midlands, UK
15/06/2016 - Bright Circular Light Observed Maneuvering in Clouds Over Gorey, Jersey, C.I.
15/06/2016 - Report: Maneuvering Aerial Lights Varying Sizes Over Bedhampton, Hants, UK
13/06/2016 - Huge Triangle UFO Seen Over Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire, UK (Art Vid)
13/06/2016 - Report: Large, Grey Circular Object Hov V. High Bethnal Green, London, UK
12/06/2016 - Mystery Black & Ring UFO's Seen Torbay Airshow, Paignton, Devon, UK
11/06/2016 - UFO (Added Zoom in Edit Reveals Morphing) Hovering Over London, UK
09/06/2016 - Excellent UFO Photo Captured Over Borehamwood, Southern Herts, UK
09/06/2016 - Report: Triangular Light Formation Seen Over York, UK
09/06/2016 - Report: UFO Seen by Many Motorists Birmingham New Road, W. Midlands, UK
08/06/2016 - Classic, White Flying Saucer Photographed Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
08/06/2016 - Rod-Type Object Captured by Chance at Lyminster, West Sussex, UK
07/06/2016 - Report: Grey Barrel Shaped Object Emitting Blue Plasma Aldershot, Hants, UK
05/06/2016 - Report: Astronomer Sees Mystery 4 Light Object Behind ISS Portsmouth, UK
02/06/2016 - Real Encounter With Alien Beings and UFO Dawlish Warren, Devon, UK

01/06/2016 - Curious, Shape-Shifting UFO Over Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, UK
31/05/2016 - Aviation Worker Videos Mystery Red Craft Over Heathrow, London, UK
30/05/2016 - Green Flying Triangle Witnessed Over Whiteley, Fareham, Hants, UK
26/05/2016 - Report: Dark Circular UFO (+ Police Helicopters Arrived) Over East London, UK

26/05/2016 - Report: Flying White Light Splits Into 2 Objects Over Lydiate, Merseyside, UK
19/05/2016 - Real Video: Black, Circular Craft Captured High Over East London, UK
15/05/2016 - Report: 2 Fast Moving Silver Spheres Seen Over Liverpool, UK
07/05/2016 - Report: 4 or 5 Sided Shape-Changing Object St Ives Bay, Cornwall, UK
03/05/2016 - CCTV Captured Frames: Intense White UFO Eastwood, Nottingham, UK
03/05/2016 - Report: 2 Round Aerial Unidentifieds Seen Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, UK
28/04/2016 - Chance Catch Strange Aerial Object (Day), Richmond Park, Surrey, UK
27/04/2016 - Tilted (Morphing?) Daytime UFO Over Welwyn Garden City, Herts, UK
26/04/2016 - UFO Caught Again (Re: 20/04/16 - Not ISS), From Barton Hills, Herts, UK
25/04/2016 - Aerial Circle With Lit Windows (Alive?) Over Botallack, Cornwall, UK (Sketch)
24/04/2016 - Very Odd UFO/Aerial Light Phenomena Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
23/04/2016 - Daylight (Bio?) UFO Caught on Camera, Catforth, Nr. Preston, Lancs, UK
23/04/2016 - Report - White/Silver Sphere Observed Over Poulton Le Fylde, Lancashire, UK
20/04/2016 - Rare Shape, Rotating UFO Luton, Beds, Seen From Barton Hills, Herts, UK
20/04/2016 - Very Odd Daylight UFO Seen and Photographed Clase, Swansea, Wales, UK
19/04/2016 - Mystery Black UFO Struct. Object on Camera Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
19/04/2016 - Report: 3 Rotating Chrome Spheres' Seen Over Weston Turville, Aylesbury, UK
16/04/2016 - Report: 2 Bright Spheres Moving Excess 1000mph Birmingham Int. Airport, UK
16/04/2016 - Alien Abduction Victim Strange Jelly-Like Substance Blackpool, Lancs, UK
16/04/2016 - Glowing Object Over Wit. Garden/Horse Field 3:20am, Portsmouth, UK 
14/04/2016 - Object Described by Witness as a 'Saucer' Over Watford, Herts, UK
13/04/2016 - Report: Circular Aerial Object Observed From Cardiff, Wales, UK
10/04/2016 - Report: 2 UFOs Flew in Over Sea (Ex. Aerial CRSVR x 2), Blackpool, Lancs, UK
09/04/2016 - Report: 3 Flashing Spheres Seen Flying Together Over Mevagissey, Cornwall, UK
09/04/2016 - Report: Line 3 Equally Spaced Flashing Orbs Flying Over M.Keynes, Bucks, UK

09/04/2016 - Footage: Incredible Phenomenon/Cloaked Craft? New Forest, Hants, UK
09/04/2016 - Report: Silent Triangle of Lights Over Bolnhurst, Bedford, Beds, UK
09/04/2016 - Report: 4 Flashing, Orange Spheres Travelling in Tandem, Northanpton, UK
07/04/2016 - Report: 2 Strange Objects Seen Moving Behind Cloud, Chichester, W.Sussex
07/04/2016 - Report: 2 Very Unusual Fast-Moving Spheres Over Bognor Regis, W. Sussex, UK
07/04/2016 - Image, (1st Pub. 07/04/16) Classic Flying Saucer Captured Leicester, UK
05/04/2016 - Morphing Aerial Mystery Object/Craft Seen Again Over Enfield London, UK
04/04/2016 - New/Old (2015) Image Just Emerged: UFO Giants Causeway, N.Ireland, UK
01/04/2016 - Possible Winged Alien Being, (Morphing), Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
27/03/2016 - Odd Black UFO Captured by Plane Spotter Over Airport, Walsall, WMD, UK
26/03/2016 - Report: 2 Bright Orbs Zig-Zagging Aerial
Manoeuvres: Night in Rain: Jersey, C.I.

25/03/2016 - Mystery Object Photographed Over North London, UK
21/03/2016 - Mystery Bright Object Snapped Over Surrey (Loc Details Withheld), LDN, UK
17/03/2016 - Report: 30ft Cylinder UFO (WDW's?) TRV
Llanfair Caereinion, Powys, Wales, UK

14/03/2016 - Report: Large Orange Ball W. Flashing Light Shoots Over Worthing, WS, UK
13/03/2016 - Report: Moving 'Compartmentalised' Line/Orange Light Merthyr Tydfil, WAL, UK
11/03/2016 - Report: UFO Seen Godmanchester, Hunts, District of Cambridgeshire, UK
10/03/2016 - Mind-Blowing Daylight Hovering Triangle or Saucer Over Manchester, UK
00/03/2016 - Two UFOs (One of Which is Disc-Like) Captured Over Brookfield, UK
29/02/2016 - Report: Huge, Bright UFO Seen Over Rainham, Essex, UK

29/02/2016 - Exclusive: Alien? Figures in Craft Images, (Re: Case Below) Enfield, UK
26/02/2016 - Exclusive: Morphing Craft: Domed/Triangle Video Enfield London, UK   
25/02/2016 - 'Dancing Lights' (Unidentified Formation of) Over Holt, Wiltshire, UK 
24/02/2016 - Physics-Defying 'Organic' UFO Captured Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK 
22/02/2016 - Report: Rectangular UFO M40 Northwards Oxfordshire/Warwickshire Border, UK

21/02/2016 - Report: Possible Mystery Craft, Lancaster, Morecambe Bay, Lancs, UK (Maps of)
20/02/2016 - UFO (Which Lit-up Witness' House) Newton-with-Scales, Lancashire, UK   
19/02/2016 - Three Spheres Flying Together Over Camberwell, S.E. London, UK

19/02/2016 - 3 Spheres Flying Over Romford, London, UK. (Similar to Other Cases)
19/02/2016 - Three Sphere or Oval/Eye-Shaped UFOs in Formation South East London, UK
18/02/2016 - Beautiful Multicoloured UFO Captured On Video Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK
15/02/2016 - Report: Three Silver Spherical Objects Observed Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, UK
13/02/2016 - Flying Saucer UFO Snapped Daytime Over Severn Beach, Bristol, UK
13/02/2016 - Saucer-Shaped UFO Unwittingly Caught Over Allestree, Derby, UK
11/02/2016 - Possible UFO Craft and Alien Being in Window, Basildon, Essex, UK
03/02/2016 - UFO Firing Lightbeam Down - Knocknarea Mountain, Strandhill, Ireland, UK  
03/02/2016 - Report: Triangular UFO Seen at Llansantffraid ym-Mechain, Powys, Wales, UK

29/01/2016 - The Green Orb Sightings of Eastwood, Notts, UK - Continue (Re: 14/01/16)
20/01/2016 - New Witness Catches Flying Saucer, (Day) Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
19/01/2016 - Man Snaps Classic Flying Saucer (Daytime) Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
14/01/2016 - Wow, Must Read Report: Green UFO Event @ 2am Eastwood, Notts, UK
10/01/2016 - 2 Highly Unusual Unidentified Flying Objects, Rugby, Warwickshire, UK
06/01/2016 - Saucer-Like Object Captured Hanging Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
05/01/2016 - Very Large Disc Shaped Object Seen Hovering Over Penrith, Cumbria, UK
05/01/2016 - Greenish Coloured UFO Seen Over Ainsdale, Southport, UK (Artwork)
01/01/2016 - Disc-Like UFO Photographed Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
01/01/2016 - Report: Massive Saucer-Shaped Craft, Seen Over Basingstoke, Hants, UK
01/01/2016 - Mystery Craft Returns And Spies on Resident in Bootle, Liverpool, UK
31/12/2015 - Daylight Unidentified (Not Lantern/Firework) Photo Over North Devon, UK 
24/12/2015 - Struct Silver, Egg-Shaped UFO (Clear Daylight), Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
09/12/2015 - Seemingly Intelligent Sphere Captured in Home: Midlothian, Scotland, UK
27/11/2015 - 120ft Grey Silver Coloured Sphere or Disc Seen Over Manchester, UK
19/11/2015 - New/Old/Ongoing Case 'The Black Disc', Belfast, UK
15/11/2015 - Report: Circular Spinning Object Observed Over Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
08/11/2015 - Report: UFO Follows Car For 2 Mins - Southbound M6 Penrith, Cumbria, UK
26/10/2015 - Recently 'Found' Photo (Dated 13/10/2015 ), UFO Over Train Station, UK
24/10/2015 - New Witness Comes Forward Re Liverpool 24/10/2015 Case, Liverpool, UK  
24/10/2015 - Aqua Blue, Humming Object Over Liverpool and Brighton, Same Night, UK
23/10/2015 - Huge Spinning UFO Seen - Many Witnesses Vale View, Nuneaton, Warks, UK 
22/10/2015 - Report: Bizarre Craft Seen Hovering Over GCHQ, Cheltenham, Glos, UK
08/10/2015 - Accidental Capture of Truly Gigantic Rod-Type UFO Towards Edinburgh, UK
08/10/2015 - Report: Jellyfish-Like UFO Seen Over Mansfield, Notts, UK
29/09/2015 - Flying Triangle Inadvertently Photographed (Day) Portsmouth, Hants, UK
27/09/2015 - Unusual Lights Seen From Old Winchester Hill Fort, Winchester, Hants, UK 
27/09/2015 - UFO Report: Black, Square-Shaped Object Seen Over Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK

24/09/2015 - UFO Bizaare Motions Rec by Ind Witnesses, (Diff Areas), London, Essex, UK
07/09/2015 - Highly Unusual Craft Observed Hovering/Landing, Farnborough, Hants, UK
07/09/2015 - Report: Rocket-Like Object Seen Over Smethwick, West Midlands, UK
07/09/2015 - UFO That Looks Like Two Cells Dividing Over Newton Abbot Devon UK
06/09/2015 - Cone Hat or Disc-Shaped Object (Daylight) Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
06/09/2015 - New/Old News: Archive Discovery Rendlesham UFO Photos, Suffolk, UK
00/09/2015 - Adamski-Type Craft Recorded Over Caernarfon Castle Gwynedd, Wales, UK
00/09/2015 - Report: Ryanair Plane Aborts Landing As Unidentified Seen in Sky: Liverpool, UK

25/08/2015 - Daylight Video, Unidentified Aerial Objects Over Midlothian, Scotland, UK
24/08/2015 - Report: 5 Black UFOs Observed Over Bury, Greater Manchester, UK
21/08/2015 - 136 Images of Morphing Daylight Unknown Aerial Object - Ilford, Essex, UK
17/08/2015 - Report: S-Shaped Luminous Aerial Craft Seen Over Hornby, Lancashire, UK
17/08/2015 - Report: Shape-Shifting Unidentified Seen Above Leatherhead, Surrey, UK
15/08/2015 - Fast Moving UFO Captured at Air Display, Shoreham, West Sussex, UK
14/08/2015 - Cylinder Shaped UFO Photographed Hovering Over Fareham, Hants, UK 
06/08/2015 - Bright Saucer-Type UFO Captured on Camera Over Bristol, UK
05/08/2015 - Daytime UFO With Police Helicopter Hovering Nearby, Bexley, London, UK 
05/08/2015 - Curious UFO Snapped During a Rainbow, Surrey, UK
04/08/2015 - Possible Pleiadian Being or Ghost Photographed Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
03/08/2015 - Report: Pensioner to Sell Her Home After Visit by Aliens, Luton, Herts, UK 
03/08/2015 - Late Report: UFO Snapped Hungerford + Seen Lambourn, Berkshire, UK 
02/08/2015 - Strange Image Captured Over National Trust Estate, Northumberland, UK 
29/07/2015 - UFOs Over Manchester? - Strange Aerial Lightforms Captured on Camera, UK
28/07/2015 - Invisible to Eye Daylight Triangle UFO Chew Valley Lake near Bristol, UK

24/07/2015 - Flying Saucer? Photographed Close to Magdalen Hill, Winchester, Hants, UK
19/07/2015 - Interesting UFO Captured on Camera Still Image Above Haverhill, Suffolk, UK  
10/07/2015 - Really Puzzling Object Snapped on Ancient Burial Site, Petersfield, Hants, UK 

10/07/2015 - Strange or Phantom 'Plane' Unidentified, Petersfield, (Heath) Hants, UK  
07/07/2015 - Mysterious Floating Object? Captured on Summit of Snowdon, Wales, UK
05/07/2015 - Astonishing, Genuine Footage of Flying Disc Captured Over London, UK
02/07/2015 - Alien Implant Discovery: Man Abducted Northampton 1974 - New Interviiew  
29/06/2015 - Clear Shot of a Flying Plasma Sphere Over Walton on Thames, Surrey, UK

29/06/2015 - British Taxi Driver Videotapes UFO Over Aigburth, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
27/06/2015 - Daylight UFO Disc Photographed Near Bridlington, Yorkshire, UK 
24/06/2015 - Excellent Video: UFO Releases Huge Trail Over North Belfast, N. Ireland, UK
03/06/2015 - V-Shaped Object Captured Flying High Above Anglesey, Wales, UK
24/05/2015 - Bright Unidentified Globe Videoed Looking South Over C. London, UK 
23/05/2015 - Mystery Aerial Object Photographed Over Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire, UK  
23/05/2015 - Two UFOs Seen Over Barry Island, Near Cardiff, Wales, UK (Witness Drawing)
21/05/2015 - Large Sphere Captured Moving Over Farmland, Near Winchester, Hants, UK  
17/05/2015 - School on Fire, UFO Appears Out of Nowhere, Bonnyrigg, Scotland, UK
26/04/2015 - Daytime, Structured Unidentified Passing Over Ashford, Middlesex, UK

21/04/2015 - Daylight: Large Mystery Object Photographed in Sky Peterborough, UK
14/04/2015 - Daylight UFO Captured at Cradle Hill, Warminster, Wilts, UK 
00/04/2015 - Unidentified Flying Object Over Southampton, Hants, UK
09/04/2015 - Astronomer Observes Black Triangles Twice Over Montgomeryshire, Wales, UK
08/04/2015 - Flying Humanoid-Type Unidentified ‎Over Teignmouth, Devon, UK
06/04/2015 - Massive UFOs Near Plane Over Newton Abbot Devon UK + GIF Animation
05/04/2015 - Aerial Disc Captured (Day) Vicinity of 'Intech', Winchester, Hants, UK
05/04/2015 - Airline Passenger Films UFO From Flight Over Liverpool, UK
31/03/2015 - Interesting Daytime Red/Silver Sphere UFO Romford, East London, UK
31/03/2015 - Glowing Green UFO (Formation?) Soars Over United Kingdom 
20/03/2015 - 4 Daylight UFOs Pursued by MoD Helicopter, Bolton, Lancs, UK
11/03/2015 - Rod-Like UFO Captured on The Ten O 'Clock News ITV - UK
06/03/2015 - Puzzling Structured UFO Above Rainford, Merseyside, UK
05/03/2015 - UFO Light Phenomenon - Aberystwyth, Wales, UK
05/03/2015 - Late News: Shining/Pulsating UFO Going Into Cloud, Bushey, Herts, UK
19/02/2015 - Late News: (2011) Dark F/Saucer Form in Cloud, Reading, Berks, UK
15/02/2015 - Accidental Catch Puzzling Unknown Object (Saucer Craft?), Yorks Moors, UK
08/02/2015 - UFO Crosses Above Family + 1 Other Case Leeds, Yorkshire, UK
07/02/2015 - Zigzagging Object Recorded Above Bradford, West Yorks, UK
06/02/2015 - Mystery Round Cluster in Daylight Sky, Kilmarnock, E. Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
03/02/2015 - UFOs Hover Over House, Witnessed by Police Officer, Barwell, Leic, UK
00/02/2015 - Aerial Disc/Black Hole + Another Case, Warrington, Cheshire, UK
29/01/2015 - Flying Saucer? (Daylight Capture) Over Manchester, UK
27/01/2015 - Pie Dish-Shaped UFO Over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
25/01/2015 - Real Video? Chopper Chasing UFO Lights Over Rendlesham Suffolk, UK
20/01/2015 - Morphing UFO Over Watford, Herts, UK
17/01/2015 - Dark Disc Seen in Domed Cloud, During Flight London to Dublin, UK  
00/01/2015 - Unusual Aerial UFO/Object Event Captured Over The UK
12/01/2015 - Man Videoed Domed UFO Over Tynemouth, NE, UK
10/01/2015 - Flying Disc Photographed Over Huddersfield Woods, W.Yorks
08/01/2015 - UFO's Spotted Over Swanley and Bexleyheath, Kent, UK  
00/00/2015 - Report: Alien/Poltergeist-Type Happenings in House, Swindon, Wilts, UK
00/00/2015 - Report: Strange Object Observed 12:30am Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK

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