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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

2 More 2018 Submissions From Our Sidcup, South East London 'Lookout'

[Must see enlarged to full, original size by clicking]

Plane and unidentified flying object
Please click image to enlarge for full detail

Witness message: The photo of the helicopter was taken with my SLR camera last July or August from my back garden.

The one with aeroplane was taken on my phone within 10 mins of arriving in Cumnor/Oxford just a couple of weeks ago.

Helicopter and UFO Sidcup, SE London
Please click image to enlarge for full detail