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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

[This report was submitted to BEAMS @ 03:35 PM - 18 May 2020]

Report 17-01-2002:
4 Witnesses See Massive Silent, Triangular UFO Over Gosport, Portsmouth, Hants, UK

Name: ***** ***********
Email: ********
City: Plymouth
Date: 17/01/2002
Location: Gosport. Hampshire


My sighting was so close, so strange and so phenomenal, (I had 3 other witnesses) so you can imagine how amazed was that no-one else appeared to have seen it. Days later I reported it to BUFORA but heard nothing back. I again reported it in November of the same year and again heard nothing back. I did wonder if the information had been passed on to the MoD and they had 'kept the case closed' as the sighting was over a naval base. In 2012 I again contacted BUFORA and this time they did conduct an investigation but simply came to the conclusion; as expected that it was an unidentified flying object.

The event: Allenby Road, Gosport Hampshire. 8.20pm. 17th January 2002. Dark but clear skies and cold but calm weather.

I had just returned home from picking up my eldest daughter and parked my car in the garage block behind Allenby Road, we then walked up Allenby Road toward Cambridge Rd/HMS Sultan and I mentioned to my three daughters that there was a very bright star in the sky. It appeared to be moving towards us quite quickly and I commented that it must be a helicopter. It seemed to then get smaller (flatter) and disappear - then my youngest daughter became quite excited as it then re-appeared as it got closer and seemed to have changed shape.

She said to her sisters that it looked like the space rocket Buzz Lightyear used in Toy Story (I did not see it at the point as she was further up the road from me and it was obscured by trees.)

I then saw the craft and it as it got closer -I could see that it was a HUGE black triangle - approx two to three football fields in size due to it's (guestimated) height and seemed lower than normal low flying craft.

It was so large I could only see the bottom of it - it just appeared to be a huge flat isosceles triangle. It had a number of lights on it; in the center were three large bluish/white lights oval in shape. There were white lights at each corner and about four along the side closest to me and along the back end. On the far side were also some red light and at least one green light.

As we walked up the road we stopped as it drew closer and silently glided overhead. My two younger daughters became terrified and ran to our then house on Cambridge Road, they were pulling on the door handle and crying out to get indoors - even though it was locked. (strangely I was more interested in watching the craft than seeing to them. I knew they were terrified, upset and distressed but I just couldn't stop watching the amazing spectacle above me.)

My eldest daughter and I stayed to watch as it passed overhead.

Everything in the atmosphere seemed still - no people around, no sounds of traffic on the moderately busy Military Road next to HMS Sultan and even more strangely NO SOUND from the generators at the base. We were talking loudly and excitedly and wondered why no one looked out of their house at the noise we were making and my younger two daughters distress; but no one did. We must have stood there for about two minutes as we watched the craft disappear as it slowly curved and moved away in a North westerly direction.

As it flew overhead I remember seeing a tiny light come out of the back of it and followed it closely at the same speed; rather like a satellite craft. I felt it had deliberately come overhead - I felt 'they' knew we were watching it - in fact I was certain.

As soon as we got indoors I got the children to draw what they had seen; they all drew the same thing. I checked the clock to ensure we hadn't 'lost time' we hadn't.

The event had been so inexplicable I was checking out all possibilities. As we got to our front door we heard and saw traffic on the main road and could hear the generators at the Naval base (all which we should have been able to hear when the silent craft flew overhead.) I saw a chap standing over the road waiting for a taxi at the base and was tempted to go and ask if he had seen it - but thought better of it in case he thought me mad. There were numerous guards on duty at the base too who should all have seen it.

I phoned a friend and told her about it - my youngest overhead and started getting hysterical again and for weeks afterwards she would only sleep with her curtains drawn (usually had them open for street lamp light to get in) as she was scared they would see her.

The next day I told colleagues at work and looked in the local paper expecting to read of reports - nothing. I checked local TV news - nothing. How could 4 people see something so huge, so phenomenal and apparently no-one else saw or reported it?

About a week earlier the girls and I spotted a large white bright light in the sky just above some houses (at about 5pm) as we were driving towards Fareham from Gosport on the Gosport Road. We couldn't see a pole that it was attached to but assumed it was a 'stadium light' though knowing there were only houses in the area where it seemed to be coming from. We thought no more about it until after the Triangular UFO incident of the 17th. I checked out this area later and there was no large light; what was it? Possibly just a coincidence. Also, a few months earlier on 5th November 2001, I was driving out of the main car park in Gosport town centre, by the sea, when I saw a thing that looked like a chefs hat/a mushroom cloud, fly up from the sea and vanish into the air. It was literally in a split second but I know I saw it.

Here is my eldest daughters recollection of the event, recorded in in 2012. I did not prompt her or discuss the event beforehand, I simply asked her to write down what she could recall: On the night of 17th January 2002 at approximately 2020, we were walking back to our house on Cambridge Road, Gosport, along Allenby Road back from the garage where we parked our car. Nothing had been unusual about the evening. When we were walking back we all noticed a bright light in the sky, Behind HMS Sultan, in the direction of the Isle of Wight.

We all commented on how bright it was, and were wondering if it was Mars or another planet as it was too big and the wrong colour to be a star. Whilst we were watching it, it disappeared. We initially thought it could have been a helicopter as Daedalus airfield was near by and had the coastguard helicopter and police plane there. Then as we got slightly further down the road we noticed a huge triangular object above us moving fairly slowly.

It had white, blue and red lights on it. We couldn't hear any noise at all. We lived next to a very noisy main road and HMS Sultan was also rather noisy (generators, cars, sailors going about), but you couldn't hear anything.

It was very bizarre as no one else was about to see it. My younger sisters were very scared and shouting at us, no one even twitched their curtains to see what all the noise was about.

Following the large triangular craft was a smaller triangular one (minuscule compared to the large one.) The large craft was I reckon the size of two football pitches together at least. From my experience in the military (7 1/2 years) I have never encountered any type of aircraft like this before. It felt like time had stopped, nothing else seemed to be happening, like time had frozen.

When we got home we checked the time to see if we had lost time, but we arrived at home around the time we should have. It really seemed like everything had stopped bar us. Even though I was 15 it was really unnerving and did scare me at the time. It really felt like something had happened but we weren't sure what.

Although we were only stood there for a minute or so, it felt like a lot longer. Me and my mum both had a strange feeling like it knew we were there and watching, like we were meant to see it.