Location of Sighting: Sauchenford, Stirling, Scotland
Date of Sighting: 18-03-13
Time: 21:08
Witness Name: Nigel

Witness Statement: I have just seen a black triangular craft with a central circular red light and circular white lights at each point pass very low, slow and silently over my house.

Although we are experiencing snow, I noticed a bright white light below cloud level and went to the window: I got quite a shock when it turned out to be a flying craft. I watched it pass over our garden and it disappeared back into low cloud heading towards the Ochil hills.

It may have been visible to many drivers as it flew over the large Granada services roundabout for M80 Glasgow & M9 Perth: The craft was going slow and steady at approx 150 mph, totally silent, with black undercarriage , smooth metallic gloss. The lights glowed and were bright but did not dazzle or glare.

My sighting lasted 30-40 seconds. Flying height about 150-250 ft. Incredible. No time to grab phone before it went into cloud. My partner just caught a glimpse as it faded. It was about the length of four large cars and three wide at the rear. No audible or visibly obvious source of propulsion.

I have heard about these craft and am open to suggestions. Human or ?

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk