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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

Surrey, 22nd July, 2007, England.

Last month in Stratford-Upon-Avon in the UK, the town came to a halt when 5 mysterious lights hovered overhead for 30 minutes. They were later dismissed as mere lanterns launched by a local rugby club but at least one UFO investigator thinks that's a load of, junk.

Left: Triangular lights and a 4th to the right, as seen in Surrey on July 22. Right: Close up of lights. (Photo and Footage by Kenneth Parsons.)

Just days earlier, Kenneth Parsons, founder of The British Earth & Aerial Mysteries Society
witnessed a similar sighting in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK. According to Ken, they weren't lanterns. Nor were they what people have come to believe UFOs are. For this interview, put
aside your notions of flying saucers and black triangles. Ken believes these lights are much more than that. In fact this UFO expert says, we are not alone.

Please note that the two lights seen at the bottom and far right are street lights

Holliston Zero Gossip reporter asked Ken to explain what happened on the night of July 22nd.


H: Explain what happened the night of July 22nd.

Ken: At about 11 p.m., while I was working away at my PC in the office, I heard my partner Hilary calling to me in a rather excited way. She was upstairs conducting one of her nightly sky watches with binoculars, (this consist of a 30 minute vigil of the skies and surrounding landscape...which can be seen clearly as we live up on a hill in one of the highest houses in Farnborough), when I went to see what she had spotted. First off, I saw a large glowing red orb just hanging there in the sky. Upon seeing this, I dashed downstairs again to grab my Sony Handycam and shot back up, just in time to capture the object on film before it faded from view. Keeping my camera on standby mode in case this thing should reappear...I continued watching. It wasn't very long before it did return, much to our delight. And again I filmed it for a minute or so, before another object came into view to join this one, and another...and yet another forming a line of three glowing, red objects which then shuffled into a triangle formation. There may have also been a fourth 'thing' up there as well, but this was tiny and kept popping in and out of view, all of which I captured on my Handycam!

H: What do you think it was?

K: The lights didn't seem part of a made or manufactured object...but I definitely had the feeling that what we were looking at had some intelligence. Upon zoom magnification, (and this was confirmed by partner watching through binoculars), I could determine that each object contained a kind of nucleus of concentric circles, dots, all within a kind of energy plasma, which gave off a good deal of radiance to the naked eye. If I were to make a guess, I would plump for possibly inter-dimensional rather than extraterrestrial as the origins of this phenomenon... judging by the way the objects just manifested and dematerialised before our very eyes. Of course, although the lights might not have constituted a nuts and bolts 'craft' as we might recognise, the objects themselves might have been intelligences, hard to imagine I know, but remember, here we may be dealing with a physics that is way beyond our comprehension.

H: Did you report your sighting to any authorities?

K: Absolutely no point. I have done this on many previous occasions, all to no avail. You see, here in the UK the authorities and certain aspects of the media are covered by a military ruling known as a D-Notice, which strictly forbids the reporting of anything deemed as 'of defence significance'. I know this for a fact, and have had this confirmed by numerous 'insiders'. All anyone who files a report will ever receive from the Police, Aviation or any of the others, is a polite but dismissive response; that's standard procedure...most times it comes across as if they are virtually reading from a script! The daily papers here tend to make a laughing stock out of these type of stories which is not surprising really, given the D-Notice ruling restrictions; mockery is their only way round these reporting limitations...jumble up the facts, or take things out of context and make a joke out of it all. Television is the same here as well. I have monitored the situation carefully. Oddly enough, having said all of that...America seems to be a touch better in the media reporting of UFO's and the Paranormal...but that observation certainly doesn't apply to CNN, FOX or any other of the Freemason-owned concerns...unless one day they make a radical U-Turn in their attitude and prove me wrong! Also, there are government spies working within this subject I am pretty sure. They act like subject wreckers, debunking and ridiculing wherever they go...sweeping all of the best information under the carpet, so that Joe public never get to see it...all whilst pretending to be genuine, friendly UFO researchers. Many of these are ex-police or military, now secretly in the employment of M15 or M16 most likely.

H: There was another sighting a few days later in England. Some explained the lights as floating lanterns launched by a local rugby club. What do you say to that?

K: I take it that you are referring to the recent Stratford upon Avon video...I don't wish to come across as rude but, lanterns my eye....I have never heard such a load of old rubbish...that's usually the standard explanation given by the debunkers to dismiss such cases. They treat the public as idiots. I have studied actual film of the release of these lanterns and one can easily see the tell-tale flickering of the flame from the tea light reflecting into the lantern canopy, and the characteristic wobble of the lantern. They are easy to spot plus they don't hover for some time in one spot, in a neat formation, before flying off together smoothly. So-called Chinese Lanterns are just taken by the breeze and drift anywhere. I am sick of these skeptics and others who are living in denial about this phenomenon...I hear such talk all the time. But, there is another, and far more worrying aspect to all of this. Very often, (as was the case with the local Stratford newspaper when I phoned them up about this event in an attempt to get a bit more info), we are given these excuses by the newspaper editors or even the person on the front desk to make us give up on delving further into these reports. Do you ever get the impression that this is what they have been told to say to any enquirers of such an incident? The question is, who controls the newspapers? And if the newspapers are controlled, then don't you think that television and radio news reporting is also? For instance, ever noticed why it is that in Iraq we only ever get to see BBC, ITV and CNN journalists...the same old faces, no independents are the news coming out of there is very one-sided, because it is fully censored. I recently discovered that even the news broadcasts on Iraq's television station are prepared by Fox...good news television to control the masses. You see, I have done my homework on this as BEAMS also reaches out into the field of conspiracies too, (no theory), just fact. The old adages of 'we are told only what they want us to know' and 'everything you know is wrong'...are not so far off the mark after all. The true, hidden philosophy of those who hold the reins of power is to keep the public ignorant of the REAL facts of life.

H: How does your sighting compare with the Stratford sighting?

K: The lights that I filmed were from another part of the country, in Farnborough, looking out over Guildford, Surrey from a hilltop. The unidentified aerial light formation that we saw on July 22nd between 11pm and 11.30 pm was similar to that in Stratford, but less spread out, and brighter; also, when magnified, they were pure red lights, each containing a nucleus of concentric circles and smaller globes within. Although they did not all appear at once together, up to 10 of these lights were counted during the period of our sky watch. Please note that in one picture, the slightly flattened effect at the bottom of the red lights is when I was using maximum digital zoom; the flattening is caused by the camera iris struggling to focus on a bright body against the night sky....In reality the objects were all spherical with a strong radiance about them. Note also that the two lights at the bottom left and one top right of the pictures are merely street lighting. The unidentifieds are high center in a grouping of three as a line and a triangle.

H: Have you ever witnessed a UFO before?

K: Earlier this year, on Easter Saturday at about 9.30pm, myself and several other witnesses were conducting a sky watch in the Hogs Back region, again, overlooking Guildford, Surrey, where we saw a huge object, pink-red object in the sky on three occasions. The size, radiance and sudden appearance of these things actually frightened us! On the second appearance, I shone my million-candle watt torch at the UFO and it just disappeared before our eyes. Guildford Cathedral can be seen from where were viewing this event, and we estimated the object/objects to be as big as the building! As with the most recent sighting, these bodies just seemed like light and energy plasma, with no manufactured objects behind them.

H: Hollywood has portrayed ETs as either benevolent, or out to destroy the planet. Granted that’s theatrics but what are your thoughts?

K: Through their very entertaining movies such as Independence Day, Men in Black, etc etc, Hollywood is doing a first rate job at ridiculing and cheapening what is otherwise a very serious subject.

H: What will it take for people to accept that there are beings from other worlds and not something dismissed by some as folklore or hoaxes?

K: I think that at the back of their minds, most people already do accept. For instance, if you were to stop and ask 100 passersby in the street whether they believe in advanced intelligences existing on others planets outside of our solar system, about 95% would say that they do. And it is my guess that the results would be similar the world over; on the other hand, when asked, do they also believe in extraterrestrial visitation to this earth?...a more guarded answer would be the result, mainly for fear of ridicule; but inwardly, I suspect they believe that this is also a strong possibility.

H: What are your thoughts on what the government really knows?

K: Despite their claims of Freedom of Information, the contrary is true... governments worldwide are undoubtedly trying to keep a lid on this huge can of worms. We are only fooling ourselves if we think that a few heavily blacked-out documents equates to government transparency. It is beyond question that copies of anything truly incriminating in terms of internal printed matter relating to this subject would have been shredded years ago...and would never be made public.

H: It seems that sightings are on the rise around the world. What do you take from that?

K: This could well be the time when someone or something otherworldly is trying to make their presence known to us; perhaps to enlighten us, to cause us to become more spiritual and less what we are doing to this planet may have become a cause for urgent concern to these intelligences...even our creators?!?

H: How has what happened July 22 changed your life?

K: It has heightened my interest in the subject even further.

H: Do you think we are "alone" here on earth?

K: No.

H: Is BEAMS an organization people can join and if so, how?

K: We always need more people to become investigators for BEAMS, and if they contact us at we can take it from there.