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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

Image above is a recreation of object that was observed

12-01-2014 Report:
UFO Seen State Securityís Ltd Grange Drive, Southampton, SO30 2AF, UK


Time: 20:00 Ė 20:10

Location: State Securityís Ltd Grange Dr, Southampton SO30 2AF

Terrain: Standing at the top of the outside stairs overlooking the car park & back of the Hotel, surrounded by trees & bushes with a stream to the right of the car park and The air conditioning system to the right also.

Other Witnesses: Darren Cooper

Lighting conditions: The lights are really dim in the car Park when the UFO went over us the white lights were really blinding bright white.

Weather conditions: Clear night

Description of object(s) V shaped Craft with 5 white lights and red one in the middle & did not look like it was attached to the Craft at all. Estimated size of the object 150ft wide?

Duration of sighting: around 4 hours Description of objects movements: Went from east to west according to Google maps

Estimated distance from object: less than 10 feet estimated altitude of object: About 50ft from floor.

Colour(s) of object: Did not see a colour it looked invisible and water like effect.

Any interaction between you and the object? Only the magnetometer going off without touching it!

Description of events Darren and I had a cup of coffee as soon as we got into the building while we listened to Dr. Steven Greerís ET contact tool, and while listening to the Meditation part on the app that Darren had previously heard a few times before and he asked me to listen carefully to what Dr.Greer is saying during the CE5 meditation so I did. We sat through this for some time but it might have been the whole meditation.

We then had a look at the magnetometer part with the phone on the table because the compass is better on a flat surface, and the alarm started going off for no apparent reason. I think it went over 500 from what I can remember and we havenít seen this before and so Darren took a screenshot of it before it dropped right down to its normal number of about 46.

We then turned to each other and said something like, shall we go and have a cigarette this is freaking me out!! So we headed towards the fire exit on the far side of the building. So we went outside and had a coffee and a cigarette like we do every night before starting work, and while chatting about the meditation and the app with the magnetometer going off!! And as we didnít touch the phone that was very strange.

The time now is Just after 8pm and we are still talking about everything that just happened in the canteen when suddenly everything goes quiet and there is this massive V shaped UFO not even two meters above our heads, Wow was my first words I thinkÖIs that real? Look at that! What is that? Thatís a UFO because there is NO sound and no engine & a red orb in the middle. Darren itís a UFO I said because he said are you seeing this!!

I am thinking to myself that I could hear the fans from the air conditioning unit before this thing came and now all I can here is Darren? What a strange feeling being completely mesmerized by the red orb enough to not even be able to move to take a picture.

I thought it was amazing to see a UFO! To see it so close! It made me feel motionless and everything went so quiet and slow. While we were saying things to each other when it was gliding silently over our heads towards the back of the hotel I remember Darren stepping forward to the top of the stairs to have a closer look calling out what he is seeing and he said itís seamless and there is no rivets... No joins... No engine... And can you see through it OMG!!

As we turn to each other relaying info about the craft to each other when I turn my head for the last time the craft just disappeared or took of very fast. Now that itís gone I think we just said come on letís get out of here! So we went back inside to get the job done and go home because that was crazyÖI stopped Darren and told him the time is nearly 11pm or after 11pm? And we havenít done anything yet wtf is going on?

So we hurried along, not talking really at all until we finished and got outside well after 1am, because we didnít understand what just happened. 

Sighting map - please click to enlarge

This is the top of the stairwell where we were standing at the time of the encounter
Stairs on side of building - click to enlarge image

Here you can see the stairs on the side of the building and carpark, Just to give you a clearer view of what the area looked like in daylight
Car park at side of building - note the stairs - click to enlarge

This Arial view shows just how Large the craft was compared to the building/surrounding area & the hotel over to the left
This aerial view shows just how big the craft was compared to the building/surrounding area & the hotel over to the left: Click to enlarge.

©Posted on behalf of Christian Mcgailey