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Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
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factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

Fly At Your Own Risk

By Hilary Porter

It has been well documented in the annals of ufology, (the study of unidentified flying objects), that as far as the MoD, (Ministry of Defence), are concerned, together with their American military counterparts, UFOs are of 'no security significance'.

"Great, so there is no threat to the British public right? no, wrong I’m afraid."

Over the past decade or so, video, film and eyewitness reports have been flooding in from all over the globe, documentary evidence that reveals how these unidentifieds frequently buzz passenger planes and military craft alike.

A few years back there was even a well-documented case of a jumbo jet having a near -miss with a black, triangular object, as the plane was coming in to land at Manchester Airport…

It is only down to the fact that these air personnel are so rigorously-trained that a catastrophe of epic proportions was narrowly avoided over such a heavily-populated area. It is very rare that such accounts get into the newspapers…but this one was splashed all across the front pages of many broadsheets and tabloids as the event was so shocking.

Anyone reading about the 'pilot’s dramatic brush with terror' must have been both shocked and amazed, yet at the same time assuming that this was just a one-off, an extremely rare occurrence.

"But this is an unwise assumption to make. UFOs are buzzing our air corridors on a frequent basis." - And it looks like it has always been this way.

For instance, during World War 11, numerous fighter pilots recounted how aerial dog fights were regularly taking place with these things!

There are many entries in RAF logs books where the pilots wrote of these things as 'Foo-Fighters'.

It’s scary stuff folks, but believe me its completely true: I have footage of such overt activity from numerous witnesses all over the world…indeed, I was even fortunate enough to film such an event myself clearly showing these objects buzzing a passenger plane over Heathrow before, darting away at high speed…all of which, I might add, I am willing to share with genuine researchers.

"Yes, one is truly taking their lives into their own hands when flying…and absolutely nowhere is safe, as it is a fact that these encounters are a global phenomenon."

According to the well-known UFO investigator Jaime Maussan, not only have the aircraft in his country of Mexico been trying to cope with huge numbers of UFOs in their airspace but the unknowns have actually collided with and downed commercial aircraft!

There was a very frightening incident where one plane was hit on its undercarriage while making a landing at Mexico International Airport. The pilot reported that everyone onboard the plane felt the impact, and there was major damage to the undercarriage and landing gear upon inspection.

"This was yet another miracle escape, but will we always be so lucky?"

Turkey has a head of state who openly voices his shown concerns about a similar problem that is happening in the skies over his country.

At the MUFON, (Mutual UFO Network), Conference held in America a short while ago, the Turkish Ufologist and Researcher Esen Sekerkarar, screened stacks of footage featuring interviews with eminent Air Force and commercial pilots from her country about the very worrying aerial tactics being displayed by the ufos.

He is quoted as saying: "In our own country, the pilots of passenger flights are told to keep quiet about such happenings, although occasionally one or two do break ranks and reveal all."

It is not generally known that the take-offs and landings of commercial flights from major airports like Heathrow and Gatwick Airport are often targeted by strange light forms hanging in the skies over runways, thus hindering the pilots trying to make safe manoeuvres with all their unsuspecting passengers on-board.

Judging by the reports that are available, all airports are affected to a greater or lesser degree.

My friend Jean and I had attended a meeting in Godalming, Surrey, and one very warm night in mid August, 1993 were travelling on our way back home along the A323, when a thunderstorm began brewing and a brilliant flash of lightning lit up the whole area.

Looking at that huge flash Jean shouted “that looks like a UFO”, to which I replied, “so you believe in such things do you?” she said “yes”, and I then revealed to her that I had been a researcher of UFOs and associated phenomena since the 60s.

"Now things started to get really interesting, because I knew Jean had a job at Heathrow Airport, so I tactfully began to quiz her about what she knew about the subject."

Apparently, she had learned about the dilemma through the course of her work where she had heard talk about how many airline pilots were faced with a big problem…the unwanted attention of UFOs. The headache of trying to make snap decisions about landings and take offs as they were being hounded by small but highly-manoeuvrable light forms, that deliberately flew all round the planes, or suddenly hovered in the airspace right in front of the plane causing the pilot to swerve ending up in another planes flight path.

Jean confided to me that pilots, navigators and other crew were becoming so jittery that they felt they would have to make formal reports along with their normal flight documentation, to head office.

But when they attempted to report such things, instead of listening to these highly trained men, the authorities at HQ simply told them to keep quiet about the subject or face the sack!

So, a system was worked out that the incoming pilot would hand a report of the flight straight to the outgoing pilot, briefing him of any UFO activity, and in what sectors to expect an encounter.

I once had a very interesting conversation with the editor of the now defunct UFO Magazine.

"He expressed his alarm at what was taking place with our pilots, and said he feared as to where it would all lead."

There was a suggestion made during our talk that many crashes concerning light aircraft as well, (of which there is an average of about one per week worldwide), were in fact of a highly suspicious nature, and some may have even been caused by brushes with the unknowns,

As a trained sky watcher myself, I have been observing these strange aerial forms and how they are attracted to our aircraft.

I have noticed that when the planes are banking and circling as they do so close to Heathrow, these small highly active orbs of light interact in a very dangerous way with the air traffic.

Initially I observed a plasma-type object that seemed to come through an invisible portal and hang above the Maultway area, then as if giving birth, this multi-coloured body suddenly ejected 5 objects… miniature UFOs that would dart about all over this part of Surrey.

These modern day 'Foo-Fighters', head straight for the planes, moving at incredibly fast speeds, before stopping, hovering, then they begin to swish around the fuselage sections, the tail, the wings and nose, and all too frequently, manoeuvring right in front of the cockpit, causing the pilots to veer off course!

Another thing I have noticed is that during the day, the passenger jets frequently have all their landing lights switched on….even when it’s sunny!

I could be wrong on this point, but my guess is that this is to detect where these fiery orbs might be.

Soon after an event like the above, the observer will notice that flight paths change for a time, but in our increasingly crowded skies, the danger is ever-present wherever they fly.

"Interest is often shown by the Military in our area when there is too much of this activity, at which point they scramble helicopters that can be seen intercepting the objects on occasions."

I have clear, daylight footage of such an event which happened over Goldington, Bedford, where an Apache military helicopter was sent into the vicinity of a substantial hovering orb, and the pilot is seen flying his vehicle to within feet of the unidentified, presumably photographing the object before veering away.

Another avid researcher into this dangerous activity is the former vocalist for 60’s chart-topping group Marty Wild and the Wild Cats; Mr Derek Bridges, who lives at Overton in West Hampshire.

For quite some time now Derek has been watching very similar interactions of these small light forms buzzing the planes as they come across Kingsclear and the Hannington Newbury area, on their way from or to Heathrow Airport also Gatwick Airport.

Even more worrying are the operations concerning what we believe to be covert military jets which are totally blacked out: These have been witnessed interfering with the flight paths of commercial air traffic, probably in their attempt to head-off the UFOs.

Without question there are far too many planes flying our skies 24/7 anyway, and to have these covert planes deliberately and dangerously interfering as they appear to do, is very alarming indeed, and must be not just a headache but a ‘pounding migraine’ for the flight co-ordinators.

"And what would happen should there be a major crash because of all this chaos?"

The general public are blissfully unaware what is going on above their heads, as they are too busy with their daily lives to ever look up.

Of course, the subject is rarely covered by the mainstream media news.

The powers-that-be have no wish to cause widespread panic by such reporting, unless, (as with the Manchester incident), a leak occurs and suppression of the truth remains impossible.

That is the prime reason why I have written this article, because I believe the situation has been going on far too long and must now be brought into the public domain.

Just an example of what could happen can be seen below:

If the situation isn't brought to the public's attention, it could very well spiral out of control.

Editors Note: While these objects could simply be 'written off' as birds, one has to consider the actual size of these objects in comparison to firstly, the plane - then to both pilot and passenger when they are ejecting from the soon to be doomed aircraft.

Whether or not these anomalous objects were responsible for the crash is speculative at best. Perhaps the pilot's reaction to the objects was the leading reason for him to lose control, or maybe the aircraft lost power, as has happened in many other cases when UFOs are seen and apprehended by military aircraft. Or perhaps it was just a malfunction of the aircraft's flight systems. Whatever the reason, there are definitely objects flying within close proximity to the fighter jet and this does pose the question about UFOs and air passenger safety.

And read this report, which contains some excellent photos.


My name is Hilary Porter and I live in Hampshire in the United Kingdom. I am the co-founder of B.E.A.M.S - The British Earth & Aerial Mysteries Society, a long established investigation and studies forum dealing with all aspects of unexplained phenomena and the paranormal.

Since my childhood I have experienced numerous abduction-type experiences and had some major UFO sightings. From the mid-sixties onwards I have been a researcher of UFOs and related subjects which has taken me down a fascinating path. For a number of years I have contributed a collection of articles to well known periodicals such as 'Alien Encounters', 'Witness' and also had material appear under various pseudonyms in books such as Nick Redferns' 'Cosmic Crashes' and 'Covert Agenda'. I have also appeared on Live TV's the 'Why Files' program."

When I left school in the early 60's I had several jobs in engineering companies of which there where many in this area. Then I saw an advertisement in our local paper for engineers needed at what was then the site of Elliott Automation, Frimley in Surrey. I was successful at the interview and got a job in the micro circuitry laboratory; I knew this was where the future in electronics was heading and I wanted to be part of it. In time we were taken over by Marconi. From the very second this took place nothing was ever the same again. The work changed to very hush-hush stuff, everything in duplicate and on a strictly need to know basis.

It was at this time that strange things started to happen within the company, accounts of which are in my book. Reports of Hexagonal craft where coming in from witnesses who not only lived near this site but from the general area as well. Because of my artistic skills I was asked by the chief draughtsman if I would consider an apprenticeship as a draughts woman, I jumped at the chance, and became one of only a handful of woman working in a very male dominated environment. This work took me all over the company into many laboratories and offices even to outside firms from time to time.

All employees had to sign the Official Secrets Act and it’s only now I can give the reader some insight as to what it was like to work in this environment...